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Playstation 2 / PS2 - James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Cheats

Infinite Ammo: Pause the game and press CROSS CROSS CROSS R2. Then hold down R1 and press SQUARE

Invincibility: Pause the game and press L2 and R2 then CIRCLE TRIANGLE LEFT UP DOWN CIRCLE SQUARE

Unlimited Health: At the Main Menu hold down L1 and R2 and press UP DOWN CIRCLE CIRCLE DOWN DOWN DOWN LEFT CIRCLE. Start the game and when you are in the level, press START. Hold DOWN and L2 and R1 and press CIRCLE CIRCLE R2 CIRCLE L1 SQUARE SQUARE CIRCLE

Unlimited Rocket Launchers: At the Main Menu hold down L1 L2 R1 and R2 and press UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT CIRCLE CIRCLE and SQUARE. Start the game and press CIRCLE SQUARE R1 SQUARE UP CIRCLE DOWN and LEFT

Extra Medals

Get a Gold Medal on the level whilst in 00 Agent difficulty. Obtain all the 007 bonuses and achieve the target score and you will receive the Platinum medal. When you get the medals they will earn you the following rewards:

The first listed is the Gold reward and the second is the Platinum reward.

Level 1 - Golden Gun Manor - MP Map: Rocket
Level 2 - Golden CH-6 - MP Game Mode: Golden Gun
Level 3 -Unlimited Missiles - MP Model Sleath Bond
Level 4 - Golden Accuracy - MP Power Up: Gravity Boots
Level 5 - Golden Clip - MP Model: Guard
Level 6 - Golden Grenades - MP Weapon: Viper
Level 7 - Lotus Esprit - MP Model: Alpine Guard
Level 8 - Rapid Fire - MP Weapon: Calypso
Level 9 - Golden Armour - MP Weapon: Full Arsenal
Level 10 - Golden Bullets - MP Model: Cyclops Oil Guard
Level 11 - Regenerative Armour - MP Model: Poseidon Guard
Level 12 - Unlimited Ammo Guard - MP Model: Carrier

Hidden Room: On the level Bad Diplomacy get to the second floor and go right when you get off the lift. Go to the very end point and you will find a door. When you try to open it you should find it's locked. Put on your Q-Specs. Now look left and you'll find a hidden door open it and inside is Armour and Ammo.

Various point multipliers: To get the most out of the points allocated at the end of the levels try usng these helpfull hints. "The night of the jackal" - when the jacal is standing infront of the crane once she is nearly dead, go to the right hand side of the room and press the green flashing button this knocks her into the big vat of hot stuff and kills her without wasting ammo and health. "Oilrig" - On this level after you have finished of the men next to the helipad go into the lab and use the "Q-Remote" on the flashing green computer, now you can control ANY crane on the level. the first crane, outside the lab will drop a crate containing grenades, the second and third crane, accessible through a secret vent , this is at the second meeting with the boss guy, go left and use the laser on the vent, crawl through and open the big shutter door, then us the remote on the cranes and jump across the boxes untill you reach the land, then you can pick off the enemies more easily and avoid that sniper ! this also improves your points at the end of the level "The Night of the Jackal" - when trying to reach the apartment use the Q-Claw to reach up onto the snipers balcony pick up his gun and this provies something to snipe men with and gives you a bonus points at the end of the level.

Get An Easy Bond Move: In Bad Diplomacy when you get outside to climb up the latter instead go out all the way to the rail and look up behind you you will see something like a speaker use your claw to get up there and you have a Bond move

Disable Lasers: On the level Bad Diplomacy Go up to the blue floor lasers and put on the q specs. You'll see a tiny door. Open it and use q laser on the wires to disable them.

Get Armory Key Card: In the First mission there is a locked armory to the left if you went in the front door, it contains grenades and a bazooka. To get the key card enter by using the claw on the vent outside, at the end of the catwalk you will drop down and see a guard facing away. Drop in, get right on top of him and hit him with your fist, he should go down in one or two hits and you will get the key card if you're close enough.

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