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PlayStation / PSOne - International Track and Field Cheats

Alternative Swimsuits - At the Select Event Screen, highlight an 100m Freestyle and press UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT CIRCLE CROSS.

Hide gauges: Enter any event and pause the game. Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + SQUARE + CROSS + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE. While still holding the buttons down, press UP or DOWN repeatedly to get the gauges to move off the screen.

Space shuttle: During the pole vault event, clear the qualifying height (4.5 metres). On the second ettempt, set the pole to 5 metres and clear the jump. On the next pole setting,a space shuttle will fly by.

T-Rex: Get a distance that is composed of all the same digits (For example,55.55) in the shot put event. A huge T-Rex will visit the stadium.

UFO: Tap a run button and you'll begin jogging towards the foul line. As soon as you see the angle meter appear, press and hold the the angle button (get it to above 73 degrees). As soon as the meter rises, begin pressing the run buttons rapidly. Make sure your at a high speed and let go of the javelin before the foul line. If you get it right, you'll hear some noises and a UFO will fall with your javelin stuck on it!

Long Jump Extra - If you jump a distance where all the digits of your jump are the same, i.e you jump 3.33 metres, you will see a small mole pop up in the sand pit.

Discus Extra - If you throw a distance where the metres and centimetres are the same, i.e 10.10 then you will see Birds

Triple Jump Extra - If you jump a distance where your last three numbers are the same, i.e 56.66 then you will see a gopher.

Hammer Throw Extra - If you throw a distance where the metres and centimetres are the same, i.e 10.10 you will see a load of coloured balloons come from the crowd.

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