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PlayStation / PSOne - Gran Turismo Cheats

Arcade Mode

Extra Tracks (Easy Mode) - To get four extra tracks, (Deep Forest, Autumn Ring, Grand Valley Speedway and SS-R5) you need to win all three classes (A, B and C) on the first four tracks, (High Speed Ring, Grand valley East, Trial Mountain and Clubman Stage 5).

Extra Cars (European version) - As you complete each of the new extra tracks (see above) you will be given a new car dealer to choose from. These are:
Deep Forest - Subaru
Autumn Ring - Toyota
Grand Valley Speedway - TVR
SS-R5 - Dodge

Extra Cars (Japanese version) - As above but the cars you will receive are:
Deep Forest - Chevrolet
Autumn Ring - Aston Martin
Grand Vallery Speedway - TVR
SS-R5 - Chrysler Corporation

End Movie (Normal Mode) - Win all 8 tracks in all 3 classes to watch the end sequence.

Gran Tourismo Mode

GT Hi-Fi - You need to win the Gran Tourismo World Cup, once you've done this you'll open up the GT hi-fi mode option, (you get this instead of receiving a car) Pick the track you want to race by clicking on the next button on the special events menu. They are to the right of the endurance races.

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