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PlayStation / PSOne - Crash Bandicoot 2 Cheats

How to get Extra Lives - When you get to the second warp room there is a bear. If you jump on his head you will gain ten extra lives. However be warned, this can only be done once.

Go to Unbearable, after the second bear has dropped down into the hole you should follow him down there. You will now be in a secret level. At about halfway you will encounter a bouncing box and an arc of fruit. Go to the top of the steps and then jump up, you will find two lives. If you kill yourself you can return to the same point for two more lives and then again and again each time you kill yourself.

At Bee-Hauling, you can gain a whole bunch of lives by just killing the bees with your spinning move, but you must be on solid land (not on the brown land).

Aku Aku Mask - To restart with the Aku Aku Mask after you've died hold down UP and then CIRCLE as soon as you die and keep holding it until you are resurrected.

Boss Replay - To replay a boss stand on the center platform, when Crash points up and down press L1 L2 R1 R2. This will allow you to replay the last boss you fought against.

The Warp Rooms - There are five warp rooms to find. These can be found through:

1. Bear Down, at the end of the level when you are thrown from the bear. Go back and you will see floating blocks in the water. You need to jump across some of these blocks to get to the middle where you will be warped away.

2. Air Crash, don't get on the jetski when you come to the second river. Instead jump on the boxes to get to the platform.

3. Unbearable, run through the level until the second bear falls down the hole. Jump into the hole and you will be in a new area, complete this area and you'll find the warp.

4. Hangin' Out, you drop down a hole into some water where there are no eels. Instead of continuing through the level by going into the background go into the foreground and drop down into the hole. Where you'll find the warp.

5. Diggin' It, near the end there is a bomber plant on it's own circular platform. If you belly flop on it and kill it you will be transported to the secret warp room.

How to get the Coloured Gems

To get the Red Gem, go into Air Crash and when you get to the first checkpoint don't jump on the surfboard ahead of you. Instead jump onto the boxes floating in the water until you reach the platform. You will be whooshed away to the secret warp room. You should then enter the secret level for Snow Go and keep going until you collect the red gem and finish the level.

To get the Blue Gem, simply run through Turtle Woods without breaking any boxes.

To get the Green Gem, enter the room with all the nitro boxes in on Eel Deal, get past them and walk through the wall at the end of the room. You'll end up in a secret tunnel which you just continue along until you reach the crystal and the warp.

To get the Yellow Gem, in the third warp room enter Plant Food, just before the first surfboard a timer should appear. You need to complete the level before the time runs out. This is tough but there is an easier way. If you jump on the bonus square and then fall down the gap after the boxes and the tnt you will be returned to the level with extra time finish the level and the yellow gem is yours.

To get the Purple Gem, go through Bee-Hauling until you reach the nitro boxes shaped like stairs, you'll notice they don't bounce like normal nitros. If you jump up these you'll get warped away to a seperate level where you can get the gem.

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