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PlayStation / PSOne - Tiny Tank - Up Your Arsenal Cheats

Level Select - At the New Game Menu press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + LEFT + CIRCLE + SELECT all together.

Cheat Menu - At the Options Menu hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + LEFT + CIRCLE + TRIANGLE and press CROSS.

Enter the following codes on the Cheat Menu ( Accessed by entering the Code above.)

Low Gravity - F E A T H E R

Extra Shots - W E A K R O B O T

Small Tiny - T I N Y T I N Y

Atmospheric Reduction Centre Intro - F M V I I I

Dead River Canyon Intro - F M V A A A

Desert Robo-Train Intro - F M V E E E

Magneto Synchrontron Transporter Intro - F M V J J J

Mortar-Villa Airfield Intro - F M V B B B

Mount Mutank Intro - F M V M M M

Nanometal Mountain Intro - F M V G G G

Rail Gun Launcher Intro - F M V N N N

The Maze Intro - F M V P P P

And Now FMV - F M V S S S

Appaloosa Interactive FMV - F M V T T T

Ending FMV - F M V V V V

Game Over FMV - F M V U U U

Tiny Tank Music Video - F M V W W W

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