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PlayStation / PSOne - Cool Boarders 2 Cheats

Alternative Clothing for Irin and Cindy - Highlight the Free Style mode and select 1 player on the main menu. Then press these buttons quickly


Each time you press R1 or R2 you will hear "here we go" if it doesn't say this then you've pressed them too slowly. Just leave the selection and start again. When you're done you'll have Cindy in a leather suit and Irin in a school uniform.

Play as The Boss
1. Complete Mirror Mode in first place.
2. Come first in Mirror Mode Championship. You can then select in in Freestyle mode.

Play as Alien and Snowman - There are three different ways you can do this:
1. You can complete all 100 moves in Master Mode
2. You can set all the records in Free Style Mode
3. Or you can achieve a score of at least 40 points in the Half Pipe

Play as Gray
1. Half Pipe Mode score 37.5 or higher.
2. Complete all the tricks in Trick Mode and get the ranking Master.

Bonus Boards - Enter Freestyle Mode after completing all the tracks and set the top record for all the tracks.

Bonus Track - For the tenth track you need to complete all 100 tricks in Big Air or Master Mode.

Mirror Mode - Complete the Competition mode and go into the options screen. Press select on controller 2 and then press R1 + SQUARE on the mode selection screen.

Reverse Mode - Complete the competition mode and achieve any ranking. Then hold R1 and choose Freestyle mode to play reversed courses.

Hard Mode - Come first in Mirror Mode Competition.

All Tracks - On the Main Menu access the following: Competition Mode, Onemake, Freestyle, options, Boardpark, halfpipe, Freestyle in 4 seconds and press CIRCLE. When one player and two player select screen appears hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and press CIRCLE.

Disable Music - Quickly press start until you find the music continues to play when the game is paused. Then unpause the game and you will have no music.

Freestyle SP Board - Win Freestyle Mode in the Trick category for at least five courses.

All Around SP Board - Win Freestyle Mode in the Total category for at least five courses.

Alpine SP Board - Win Freestyle Mode in the Time category for at least five courses.

Course Select - On the Mode selection screen highlight the following in order: Board Park, Option, Freestyle, One Make, Snowboarding Combined, Half Pipe, Freestyle and then press CIRCLE. Then hold down all the shoulder buttons and press CIRCLE on the one and two player selection screen.

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