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PlayStation / PSOne - Blazing Dragons Cheats

Halfway Point - LW26ULXAU%HR?4AWCB
Final Level - V?U5MK_4N6LUL_OHW5CB


Starting Out / Doing the Washing Up / Exploring the Castle / Rescuing Sir Burnevere
Rescuing Sir Blaze / Rescuing Sir Gasflame / Rescuing Sir Loungealot
Helping Flame Escape /Getting Your Bag Back / Bringing Flame to see her Father
Saving the Dodo / Visiting the Humans / Cheering up the Pizza Maker / Collecting the Corn
Getting across the stream / Getting into the Castle / Inside the Castle
Freeing Flame / Freeing the Knights (again) / Destroying the Black Dragon II
Freeing the Lady of the Lake / Cave of Dilemma / The Tournament / The End

Collect your invention book, tail warmer and the jar after Pavlov has escaped from it. Then leave your room and on the way downstairs pick up the candle stick. Watch the animated sequence and your task will be revealed.

Doing the Washing Up

You need to do the washing up before you can leave the castle. Simply look in your invention book, the solution is there. To make your invention a reality you will need to stick the candle stick holder onto the kettles. If you then attach the tail warmer to the end of it you only need the mop by the sink and the invention is complete.

Exploring the Castle

Go back to the square table room and visit the information booth in the hallway, if you ask her for help she will give you a map from which you can choose places to visit. Then go upstairs and visit Princess Flame's room and the King's chamber. In the King's chamber you must pick up the pipe cleaner and the magazine 'The Monarch Quarterly'. In Flame's room you should speak to Flame and then use the jar to collect her kiss. You should then collect the bottle from on top of the Fireplace.

Rescuing Sir Burnevere

Visit the bottom left hand corner of the map and go inside the house and see Sir Burnevere. Then go to the circle of stones (Camelhot's Streets) pinpointed on the map, here you need to go up the steps and stick the pipe cleaner in the anthill, you will then have to go back to the mental clinic and give the pipe cleaner to the pied pipper. His pipe will then disintigrate and he will have a 'fit' and the psychatrist will be distracted. You can then free Sir Burnevere. He will give you a piece of red ribbon.

Rescuing Sir Blaze

Give the frog boy the kiss from Princess Flame and he'll turn back into a frog, pick him up and take him to the Enchanted Lake (at the top left of the map). Put the frog down on the pebbles and the two frogs will jump at once and get tied together before falling into the pond and disrupting Sir Blaze's reflection. This will break the spell that Sir Blaze is under and he will give you a mirror and then wander back to the castle.

Rescuing Sir Gasflame

Pick up a bean (they look like peas)at the mental clinic and take this to the Castle gardens plant it in the tomato beds and it will grow into a beanstalk, Gasflame will then realise his mistake and return to the castle. For your trouble Sir Gasflame will give you some peruvian coal.

Rescuing Sir Loungealot

You will need to go back to the streets of Camelhot and complete the shooting contest at the practice range. If you do you will win a cat. You can then throw him at Sir George's dog and destroy the Black Dragon. Sir Loungealot will make you his knight and give you the soap to wash his underpants.

Helping Flame to Escape

Speak to the screaming girl who has a hair problem. Pour the bottle of Hair Club for Dragons onto Rapunzel, her hair will grow and she'll cut it off. Pick up the hair. and you can then tie it to the window for Flame to climb down.

Getting Your Bag Back

Watch the animated sequence where the chancellor steals your bag. Then go and visit him in his room another animated sequence will ensue, after this is over pick up your bag and collect the two bird stamps from his desk and the cracker from the bird table.

Bringing Flame to See her Father

Go back to Flame's room and collect her suitcase and the ghost costume. Then go to the castle library and speak to Trivet, he will change you into Princess Flame after you become yourself again you should ask Trivet to do it again, this time however you should point the mirror back at him. Trivet will turn into Princess Flame. Give him the suitcase containing Princess Flame's clothes (the one you picked up in Princess Flame's room). King All-Fire will then allow you to leave the castle.

Saving the Dodo

Visit the spot on the map marked by the Dodo, you will see that the Dodo is trapped by the hunter. Return to the library and stamp the poster with the Dodo stamp, this will free the Dodo and allow him to fly up to the castle.

Visiting the Humans

You can now see Sir George's castle in the top right hand corner, enter the street and talk to the woman on the right. Use the coal to burn the figure of Sir George, this will leave you with his head and the paddle. Dunk the head in to the manure and then go into the pub. After you have accepted the job wander back outside and talk to the cricketer. Feed him the cracker and he'll go into the pub and buy a drink. In the pub you must pick up some prunes that are on the bar by the monks and complete the dancing competition to gain the funny papers.

Chearing up the Pizza Maker

Go back to the library and ask the librarian if she has a book called "Crushing The Will Of The Weak With No Remorse", you know it was in the chancellor's room. the librarian has to go out th back to find it and once she's gone you can take the feather duster. Now go to Camelhot, here you should use the duster to tickle the depressed pizza maker, he will fall over with laughing and you can take his paddle.

Collecting the Corn

Put the ghost costume over the scare crow, this will scare the crows away and you can then pick the corn.

Getting Across the Stream

Then return to the forest and collect the pitch fork. You can then use this to block the moles path. Pick up the mole and take him to see the sign cleaner. Put Lance the Mole into the ground by the sign poles, the sign will then drop down and if you then speak to the sign cleaner and say that Eddie Ember sent you he'll let you take the stilts. You can then use the stilts to get across the stream and collect another paddle. Set the dryer to delicate and place the corn into it. You now have popcorn.

Getting into the Castle

To get into the castle you must ring the door bell. A guard will appear, speak to him until he goes away. Then wrap up the prunes in the funny paper and ribbon. Ring the door bell again and give them to the guard. He will take them to Sir George. Then the moat will empty. On your way to the door on the right hand side pick up the eel. To do this you will need to collect the tongs that are hanging up above the kettles in the kitchen.

Inside the Castle

Once inside the castle read Sir George's wife's tombstone and then head up the stairs on the left. Once there let the valet feel Sir George's face. You'll then get the rust-a-gone and Sir George's armour. Head back downstairs and Sir george's dog will be there.

Destroying the Black Dragon II

Go through the door to the left when you are at the castle' back door and you will find the new and improved black dragon. To destroy it go down the stairs and collect the magazine on Marvin's table, this has the code to launch the black dragon II. Go back up stairs and close the portcullis then tell the codes to the guard and the Black Dragon will be lauched and destroyed.

Freeing Flame

Go back downstairs to Mervin's lab, Sir George's dog is there. Throw the bone (go back to where the black dragon was and collect the bone)into Flame's cell. The dog will run up the stairs and get the keys and flame will be freed.

Freeing the Knights (again)

Go up to Stone Henge - speak to the knights and then look on the map and go to the mines. Once at the mines you should speak to the canary bird. Give him the Monarch's Chronicle and he will fall asleep and scare Sir George's soldiers away. You can now collect the pick, canister and the diamond dust. Now go back to Stone henge go down the trapdoor and jump into the cogs and then up onto the connector pin, use the pick to knock the pin through and then jump out and pick up the pin. You can know take this to the Juice bar and exchange it for the cricketer's bat. Now speak to the knights and use the bat to destroy Stone Henge.

Freeing the Lady of the Lake

Put the eel into the sacred lake and the fisherman will catch it and be shocked, the lady of the lake. She will promise to turn off the water on the morning of the tournament.

Cave of Dilemma

Go to the cave of dilemma after freeing the lady of the lake. Speak to the Guardian Gatekeeper (Ancient Al). He will give you four tasks to do before you will become a knight.

  • The Test of Dexterity - Use the clippers (speak to Rapunzel again and get her to swop the hair club for her clippers), this will chop off their spikes and you can then spin them.
  • The Test of Strength - Use the whistle (go and visit the hunter and free the ant with the rust-be-gone the ant will thank you and give you a whistle) and the ants will do the rest for you.
  • The Test of Eye-Hand Co-ordination - Press X to blink your eyes when the rabbits rest, if you don't your eyes will fill up and you won't be able to see the rabbits. Keep watching the rabbit until they stop and then pick the right one.
  • The Test of Something a Wee Bit Scary - Use the soap on the laundry. After it is covered in soap use the ammonia nitrate on the cloud to make it rain on the laundry.

The Tournament

Go to the Tournament Arena, you'll have to play Sir Loungealot at thumb war. Use X to pin the thumb down then once you got it press L1, L2 and R1, R2 quickly and repeatedly. Once you've won the black dragon will appear, go next door to the target range, put the popcorn into the canister and put it into the catapult. Aim the catapult at the Black Dragon and fire.

The End

After the animated sequence you'll find yourself inside the Black Dragon. Use the clicker and Mervin will think you are speeding the Black Dragon up, he will slow it down and stall it. When he tries to start it up again cut the pull cord and the Black Dragon will crash and the end animated sequence will follow.

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