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PlayStation / PSOne - Dark Forces Cheats

Level Select - Choose "RESTORE GAME" and then enter P3NDLDQNY2. Select "START GAME" and then choose from any of the 14 levels.

Cheat Menu - Enter LEFT CIRCLE CROSS RIGHT CIRCLE CROSS DOWN CIRCLE CROSS during game play. You will then get a cheat menu with a number of options including full map, higher jumping, skip to next level, no damage and all weapons and ammo.

Level Codes

Level 2: Talay, Tak Base - Y7B5T7S183
Level 3: Anoat City - !VHDBMBMXZ
Level 4: Research Facility - 9WJHBLCN00
Level 5: Gromas Mines - 8XKGBKDPZ1
Level 6: Detention Centre - 7YBKBJFL22
Level 7: Ramsees Hed - Y7C4L7Q193
Level 8: Robotics Facility - X8D3L6R2C4
Level 9: Nar Shaddaa - W9F635SZB5
Level 10: Jabba's Ship - V!Q534T0F6
Level 11: Imperial City - NVHL4LFQ1R
Level 12: Fuel Station - MYGM!KBR2S
Level 13:The Executor - LXFN4JCSZT
Level 14: The Arc Hammer - 205F6HJT0V

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