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PlayStation / PSOne - Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Cheats

Alternate Costumes - Win the game on Level 7 using Naru. Press CROSS or SQUARE to select your character.

Unlimited Soul Bombs - Pause the game and then go to the options screen and change the controller configuration so that L1, L2, R1 and R2 are Soul Bombs. Then return to your game and press L1, L2, R1 or R2 and CROSS and you will release a Soul Bomb that can be repeated as many times as you like.

Random Select - Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on the character select screen. Then press CIRCLE + TRIANGLE + SQUARE + CROSS whilst the selection box is moving.

Camera Control - When at the controller configuration screen highlight a shoulder button and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. The shoulder buttons will now control your camera view.

Change Loading Screen - Press any button on your controller during the "Now Loading" screen and the words will change colour.

Play as Abel - Win the game on level 7 using Shou.

Play as Naru - Win the game on level 7 using Veil.

Play as Shou - Unlock all the Sub-Bosses and then win the game using Vermillion on at least level 3.

Play as Veil - Win the game on level 7 using Abel.

Play as Sub-bosses - Win the game with all the basic characters on at least level 3 to then be able to play the characters relevant sub-boss.

Change Display - Pause a game and hold down CIRCLE + TRIANGLE + SQUARE + CROSS and then press SELECT. You will now have no continue, options, or reset selections. If you then press SELECT again you will now have no Life or Overdrive guages. To return to normal hold down CIRCLE + TRIANGLE + SQUARE + CROSS and press SELECT once.

Secret Moves - Win the game using Naru and enter the controller configuration screen and change the shoulder pads (atleast two of them) to special moves. Then press all of these buttons together and your character will perform a special move. N.B. This will not work for all the characters.

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