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PlayStation / PSOne - Need For Speed Cheats

Lost Vegas Track - Go to the Tournament password screen. Enter TSYBNS as your password. Go back to the Head-To-Head game. Cycle through the tracks and you should find that Lost Vegas is now selectable.

Oasis Springs Track - Enter the TSYBNS code first. In Head-To-Head mode, select the Rusty Springs Track. Hold down L1 and R2 together to change it to Oasis Springs. Whilst holding these keys press the Start key to play.

Warrior Car - The TSYBNS code must be entered. In Head-To-Head Mode, go to the car selection screen and hold down L1 and R1. Now you should have the option to select the Warrior.

Rally Mode - After the TSYBNS code has been input, enter Head-To-Head mode. Select your favourite track. Hold down L1 and R1 and you should see the title change to RALLY MODE. Now press Start to enter a dirty and muddy course.

No Mercy Mode - Yes, once again the TSYBNS code is needed for this one. Go to the Head-To-Head screen. Hold down L1 and R1. The option should change to NO MERCY. This turns off the slower car catch-up, giving a fairer and hopefully speedier race.

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