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PlayStation / PSOne - Armoured Core Cheats

1st Person View - Press SQUARE + TRIANGLE + START. The game will then pause and when you press START again the game will resume and you'll have a first person view.

Fixed Camera View - Press CIRCLE + CROSS + START. Then unpause the game to have a fixed view over the battlefield.

Change Pilot Name - Enter the garage and highlight the "Change AC Name" option. Hold down L2 + R2 + RIGHT. Then hold CROSS and then quickly hold SQUARE

Change Background - On the design emblem screen press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + SELECT after you've made the design you like. The emblem will then appear as the background.

Losing Bonus - If you lose the game with more than a 50,000 Choam debt you will restart the game after a short FMV and find that you're mech will have many extra bonus items.

No Limit Bonus - Complete over 100 sorties with more than a 90% win record and an overall rating of atleast 98% and you'll get lots of bonuses inc. core weight points and generator output points.

Return to default view - Press START to pause the game and then press START to resume. In the Japanese version pres SELECT instead of START.

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