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PlayStation / PSOne - Army Men: 3D Cheats

Pause the game and then enter the following quickly. These cheats are only effective for the level you are playing when you enter them and that you will need to re-enter them when you start the next level.

Level Select - Press SQUARE CIRCLE R1 L1, then hold down R1 and press R2

Unlock All Weapons - Press SQUARE CIRCLE R1 R2, then hold down R1 and press R2

Invincibility - Press SQUARE CIRCLE L1, then hold down L1 and press L2

Unlock All War Zones - At the difficulty options screen hold down TRIANGLE + SQUARE + CIRCLE and press L1 + L2

First-Person View - Press START + CIRCLE + SQUARE. This will pause your game, then press START again and you will continue your game with a new view.

Run Faster - During a multi-player game press SQUARE + TRIANGLE and you can run faster.

More Tanks - At the Main Menu press SQUARE CROSS CROSS R1 R2


Infinite Health - 865A 85F8 755A
Infinite Ammo - 8659 D226 755A
Infinite Flamethrower - 8659 E192 755A

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