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PlayStation / PSOne - Rayman Cheats

Please note that some of these cheats may not work with the platinum version of the game

Make Pause Text Disappear - Pause the game and hold down R1 + R2

Rayman Demo - As the Ubi Software logo disappears hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Then when the RockWall animation begins hold down START until the demo begins.

Skip Levels - When you see the loading screen with the words Rayman in bubbles, hold TRIANGLE SQUARE and SELECT. After the screen shakes you will be able to choose the levels you want to skip.

To get a screen within a screen - Pause the game, hold down R2 and press CIRCLE CIRCLE LEFT CIRCLE CIRCLE. Repeat this to cancel the cheats.

Ten Continues - Wait till you have less than two continues and then press UP DOWN RIGHT LEFTat the continue screen. Repeat as often as you wish.

99 Lives - Enter XNB9FM!X2? as your password - (this only works on the American version of the game)

Final Level Password - Enter SD3BKFooMN as your password


Please note that some of these cheats may not work with the platinum version of the game

Enter the following codes on the password screen:

Start - 38W8Z92W9M
Pink Plant Woods - L8W8Z9LW9M
Anguish Lagoon - LOW8ZH2W9M
Swamps of Forgetfulness - LO4JPHLW9M
Mosquitos Nest - LO44Z9LNHM
Bongo Hills - BOD4?HL29X
Allegro Presto - BOD4?1L29X
Gong Heights - BOD4G13L9K
Mr Sax's Hullabaloo - BOD4?R33HP
Twillight Gulch - BH4N?R33NF
Hard Rocks - T9DN?1!!WF
Mr Stone's Peaks - 49DN?1!!WF
Eraser Plains - DW44?1!CN7
Pencil Pentathlon - 4NBN?1!5NF
Space Mamma's Crate - DCT4G13CDF
Crystal Palace - DCTW81!CD7
Eat at Joe's - NWTDDR!346
Mr Skop's Stalactites - NW?WD15!4Q

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