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PlayStation / PSOne - Tomba / Tombi 2 Cheats

Cheat Mode - On the main menu hold down L1 and R1 and then press CIRCLE TRIANGLE SQUARE CROSS

Evil Pig Locations

Earth - Kujara Ranch Area - Use the poles by the ladders, swing up to the seesaws and you should find it in the air near the red birds.

Flame - Forest Entrance - Get in the water and swim (Use swimsuit) into a tunnel on the left.

Ghost - Pipe Area - Climb the chains just before the Trolly entrance. Fly right (Use the squirrel suit) and under the steam pipe.

Water - Heavens Area - At the waterfall climb onto the red roof and go to the right side.

Submitted by John 22nd June 2000

Ice - Water Temple - It is floating on the other side of the waterfall when you finish the room.

Time/Black/Last - Pipe Area - Climb down the right chain beneath the drawbridge and its opposite the mudball chain.

Puzzles - Compulsory

Find Tabby - In order to complete this you need to finish the game.

Get To The Burning House - Get to the burning house and speak to Kainen the old man.

Pour The Water In - In order to save the burning house you need to get the bucket hanging above the path. Go to the seesaw on the side with the burning house. Jump on to the seesaw and collect the water that comes out of the faucet. When you have got some water take it to the old man and then repeat for another bucket.

Save The Crab - Once you have given the second bucket of water to Kainen you will get the golden crab.

Wind It Up - Use the handle and swing in one directionor another to wind the net up or down. Collect the star shaped cog and other things from here.

The Crab Basket - Cross over the bridge and pick up the boomerang, then hit the pig on the other side for the crab basket.

Collect the Golden Crabs - Collect the three golden crabs - one on the roof top be the waterfall, one on the path after the bridge and one on a ledge in the waterfall area.

Win's Windmill - Take the golden crabs to Win in the windmill.

Cool Places and Disappears - Get the ice boomerang by travelling across the chains.

Remove All The Capers - Hit each of the capers (fiery red blobs on pedestals) with the ice boomerang to cool them and then destroy them.

Pull And Open - Pull the two chains that are connected to the door, one you will have to cool with the ice boomerang.

Bury It In The Sand - Collect the trolley and fill it with sand from the conveyor belt. Take the sand to the hole and repeat two more times, then leave the trolley and go down to the machine room.

Let's Go To Tabby's House - Climb the two sets of stairs and enter the house on the right with the red door.

Wash The Strange Lump - Go to Tabby's House once you've filled in the hole and speak to Gran. Gran will carry the mud down to the machine room, get down there and gran will put the mud in the washing machine.

Look For The Hammer - Head off to the Trolley Entrance and collect the hammer.

Blast The Rock - Take the bombs back to the boulder where Gran is. Hit the switch with the hammer to set off the bombs.

Get Bombs - Go to the powder room at the beginning of the Pipe Area, smash the switch with the hammer to open the door and get the bombs.

Deliver the Rail - Take the rail to Gran where the broken track is.

Capture Evil Flame Pig -

Bring The Big Sack - Meet Santa in the Chimney Shed and he will ask you to find his big sack. Find the sack on a ledge next to a stack of treasure chests and take it back to Santa.

Melt The Giant Ice - Hit the Giant Ice with the Fire Hammer and then hit the giant Freeze pig with the hammer too.

Let's Take The Lift - Find the Mountain Peach to make the lift work and then get in it to go to the Ranch Summit.

Kujara's Favourite - Up where you found the sack is another snowball, this contains the peach if you've aready hi it and released the peach on a piece of string you'll need to put on the Squirrel suit and use the swinging poles on the right hand side to get high enough to get the peach. When you've got it take it to the lift.

The Hidden Diary - Go into the chimney shed and push the wooden crate at the end of the room, this will reveal the chest. Open the chest for the diary. take it to the traveller. You will get the green Treasure chest key

Static Explosion - Collect the 3 Kujara's from among the ice and take them to the Summit Shed. Pham will give you the Ice Pig Bag.

Raise The Ladder - Find the Hexagon gear among the ice and give it to the man at the ladder.

Capture Evil Ice Pig -

Put In The Evil Spirits Eye - Kill 3 ghosts using the ice boomerang and throw them into the spirits eye in Donglin Forest

Kill The Guards - Hit the snake that comes from the ghost three times with a hammer and you'll get the Donglin Bell.

Take The Grapple - Hit the three stakes in the forest with the hammer to unveil the chest containing the grapple, open the chest.

More Blue For The Picture - Get the blue fruit in the first part of the Donglin Forest and then take it to the Artist's Atrium and give the artist the fruit.

Device Guards The Treasure - On the seesaws make all the panels just above the spiky mechanism have all the same upward curves on them. Look at the blocks further left past the seesaws to see which way they should all face. When they are all the same it will unlock the treasure room.

Use Rock Crabs For Balance - Speak to the man in the treasure room and then get the rock crab and give it to him.

Capture Evil Ghost Pig - Find him beneath the pipe's where the trolley entrance is. Defeat him by throwing him into the Pig Bag three times.

Use Pig Suit To Talk - Use the closet key on the closet in the warehouse and then put on the pig suit and talk to a pig.

Use the seasaw - Push the ball onto the bottom seesaw and then hit the other side with the hammer. Then push the ball onto the other seesaw and hit that with the hammer. You will be able to pick up the cog and give it to the pig in the control shed.

Let's See The Clown Circus - Complete Let's Help The Clown and watch the clown entertain the child.

Let's Help The Clown - Help the clown to do his trick on the rope wire by catching him with the mat if he falls.

Lift The Lid On The Well - Go to the warehouse and lead the Paon out to the well.

A Pig Tribe Clown Statue - Take the book after the Lift The Lid event up to the Pig Tribe man

Capture Evil Earth Pig -

A Mermaid In A Water Tank - After blocking the hole step on the button to free the mermaid.

Crystal Panel Blocks The Hole - Defeat the crab with the blue claw by jumping on him twice and then take the claw to the crystal artisan. Then go to the water tank and speak to the mermaid.

Open The Water Gate - Give the round cog to the guy in the Water Temple.

The Broken Up Mermaid Harp -

Sink The White Platform - Speak to the guy wanting to move his raft and then hit the button high above you with your blackjack in the right direction.

Wake The Giant Fish -

Get The Nishiki Birds - Feed the chicks you got earlier the chick food and they will become Nishiki birds.

With The Nishiki Birds - You have to fetch one of the three kinds of mice in this case a white tailed one which you can find in one of the mouse houses.

Precious Ring - In the pipe area, go to where the two chains are under the drawbridge. On your left you'll see a pipe, look under it and where you find the pipe curves up, drop down and you'll find yourself in a small room with a mudball, wash the mudball to find the ring.

Pig Ball - After you give the Ice Candy, you will get Pig Ball. Then hit a pig in each area for the following: Donglin Forest - Tiny Ghost Pig, Kujara Ranch - Tiny Ice Pig, Water Temple - Tiny Water Pig, Pipe Area - Tiny Flame Pig, Town Of Fisherman - Tiny Flying Pig. Take the five tiny pigs back to the pig you gave the ice candies to.

Puzzles - optional

Red Treasure Chest - Try to open the red treasure chest in the windmill after you have completed Wins Windmill, Kainen will appear and give you the key to the red treasure chests.

Adventurer's Chest - Opens when you have 30,000 AP.

Adventurer's Clue -

Chick From An Egg - Push the two eggs on top of the seesaws, watch which barrels they roll into and then hit the barrels with a weapon to make the chicks fall out.

Where Is The Bird's Nest - Take the two chicks to the tree at the end of the path, climb up and put the two chicks into the nest.

Feed The Chicks - Return to the Beach and give the chicks the feed, They will become Nishiki birds.

Other Side Of The Waterfall - Get across to the top of the windmill from the other red roof in the wtarefall area.

The Stuck Fish Hook Line - Get over to the fish hook on the roof, jump on it and it's yours. You'll get bird clothes.

Lost And Found - You need to make all the barrels at the Waterfall of the Heavens and those at the Town of Fisherman all have the same colour showing on top, don't forget the ones at the starting point too. If you do this right all the water will drain out of the waterfall and the golden fish hook will appear. Take the fish hook to the fisherman to receive the mermaid scale.

The Tiny Mouses House -

Let's Make A Pot - Take the pot made by the man in the Tool Shed to the man who's pot you broke.

Lost Clay Spatula - Speak to one of the miners in the Tool Shed and he will say he has lost his spatula, so go over to the house at the end of the street on the opposite side and examine the pot, the pot will fall and break and you will get the spatula, take it back to the miner.

Get Clay From The Mud - Put the mud into the washing machine, some ae jewels one is clay. Take this to the man in the tool shed who lost his spatula.

What's Inside the Mud - Use the mudball suprise with the washing machine in the machine room.

The Fuel That Burn's Well - Go to Gran's House and leave through the top floor door, take the conveyor belt and give the fuel to the miner.

Let's Make Dried Fish - Read the third sign in the cafeteria, go and speak to Ark in the town of fisherman, collect the small fish around the Town of Fishermen, lower the net on the pole and use the fish. Then raise the net.

Cooking With Tombi - Read the first sign in the cafeteria, then collect the big pieces of meat and take them to the underground machine room. Hit the peg for the burning machine with the hammer and put the piece of meat in.

The Best Hash Potatoes - Read the second sign in the cafeteria, take your potato to the hot water area in the pipes, put your potatoe under the tap and hit the button. Pour hot water on it twice.

The Cook's Special Menu - Speak to the chef in the cafeteria, take the chef the steak.

Trolley Ticket - Speak to one of the miners in the Tool Shed and he will give you the Trolley Ticket.Take this to the trolley stop and give it to the man there

Quick The Trolley -

Make A Light Alloy -

The Laughing Door - Eat the laughing fruit to be able to open the laughing doors.

The Crying Door - Eat the crying fruit to be able to open the crying doors.

Strange Fruit - Open the crying door in the Kujara Ranch to gain the mystery mushroom.

Where's My Son - Return to the woman in the coal mining town after completing Getwell Plants Heals Wounds.

Getwell Plant Heals Wounds - Speak to the boy in the Circus Town, he needs Getwell Plant, speak to the pig in the room with the river and he will give you Getwell Plants to give to the boy.

I'm Thirsty - Give the man a bucket of water

Oil Smeared Traveller - Give the traveller the Steak Sandwich to cure the oily smear.

Invisible Traveller - Give the traveller a dried fish sandwich.

Starving Traveller - Give the traveller any sandwich.

Forgotten Rucksack - Climb the Holy Tree and fly across to the right to find the rucksack. Then give it to the starving traveller.

Starving Charles - Bake a banana in the oven in the machine room and give it to Charles

Itchy Charles - Use the itching salve on Charles when you find him in the Tool Shed.

Wormy Charles - Potato bug will eat Charles free, see Potato Bug Eats Leaves.

Potato Bug Eats Leaves - Lead the potato bug over the seesaws and onto the leaf in Donglin Forest, get on its back and it will go to Charles.

Snow Firefly Nest -

Collect Snow Fireflies -

Too Dark To See -

Holy Tree - Give holy water from water temple to the Holy Tree

Fatigue Curing Spa - Collect hot water in the bucket from the tap in the pipe area. Take this to the Ranch Summit and use it in the spa.

A Rare Collection - Give Rare Fish, rare crab and rare squid

The Ultimate Sculpture - Go to the Sculptor's hut in the Kujara Ranch area and push the block of ice towards the sculptor. Then come back a bit later on for an ice sculpture.

Holy Pedestal - Take the ice sculpture to the holy pedestal in the water temple and place it on the pedestal.

Ready Or Not Here I Come! - Talk to the 3 girls in the operations room in the Kujara summit, then find the 3 girls on Kujara ranch. There is a hole in the wall by the lift shed and the second ladder, get into the hole and slide down onto a giant piece of ice. Here you need to throw a snowball into the hole and then go slowly down the right side, where the big chasm is. You can then find the girl on one of the cliffs. (The one near the blue kokka birds nest).

Kujara Washing Shed - Speak to the washer and then go to the washing shed.

Wash The Kujara - Complete the game three times.

The Washing Machine Fuse - Give the large fuse you found in the tool shed to the guy in the washing shed

A Kujara Washing Expert -

Ghost Sticker - Become invisible to enter the ghost sticker.

Baron Turned To Stone - Pour holy water on the baron in Donglin Woods.

Secret of The Aquatic Plant - Break all the aquatic plants in the various areas using the grapple

Unmoving Blessed Priest - Revive all the magic flowers.

Collect Ice Candy - In Circus Town speak to the pig in the Ice Candy store, then use the Ice Pig Robe to turn your enemies into ice candies, once you've got about thirty take them back to the pig in the store.

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