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XBox - Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee Cheats

Cheat List: At the main menu, highlight Versus Mode. Then, in order, press and hold these buttons: L, B, R. Once holding them release them in this order to bring up cheat mode: B, R, L. Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding monster:

All cities and monsters: 863768

All monsters: 209697

Black and white mode: 860475

Boxing Level: 440499

Extra Military Damage: 970432

Godzilla 2000: 637522

Regenerate health: 597378

Unlock Destroyah: To unlock Destoroyah, beat Adventure mode with Godzilla 2000.

Unlock Gigan: To unlock Gigan, beat Adventure mode with Aguirus.

Unlock Godzilla 2000: To unlock Godzilla 2000, complete the Adventure mode with Godzilla 90's.

Unlock King Ghidorah: To unlock King Ghidorah, beat Adventure mode with Megalon.

Unlock Mecha Godzilla: To unlock Mecha Godzilla, beat the Adventure mode with Destoroyah, Rodan and Mecha-King Ghidorah

Unlock Mecha Godzilla 2: To unlock Mecha Godzilla 2, beat adventure mode with all monsters, then beat it again with Mecha King Ghidrah.

Unlock Mecha Godzilla 3: To unlock Mecha Godzilla 3, beat adventure mode with Orga on Hard.

Unlock Mecha-King Ghidora: To unlock Mecha-King Ghidorah, beat Adventure mode with King Ghidorah.

Unlock Mothership Level: To unlock the Mothership level, beat the game on adventure mode with Mecha Godzilla.

Unlock Orga: To unlock Orga, beat Adventure mode with all the characters, then beat the mode once more on medium difficulty with Godzilla 2000. Orga will now be selectable from the monsters menu.

Unlock Rodan: To unlock Rodan, complete Adventure mode with Gigan.

Unlock Vortaak Level: Beat adventure mode with Mecha Godzilla 3 on Medium.

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