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XBox - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats

Cheat List: Enter these button presses while playing:

God Mode - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, R, L, BLACK, WHITE
All Weapons - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, UP, X, A
Unlimited Ammo - R, L, A, UP, DOWN, B, X, R, R
Slomotion - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, UP, L
Full Heal - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, UP, DOWN
Punch Mode - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, UP, UP
Gravity - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, L, L
Lethal Charge - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, BLACK, BLACK
Bomb Mode - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, UP, WHITE
Megaforce - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, R, R
Nailgun Mode - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, WHITE, WHITE
Level Select - (input on main menu) Press R, L, UP, DOWN, X, Y, B
Skip to Next Level - R, L, UP, DOWN, A, X, click left stick, B, A, B, A
Gain SMG & 9mm - L, R, UP, DOWN, A, UP, R, R

The Meeting: If you're having trouble figuring out who you have to kill at the St.Petersbourgh stakeout what you should do is get to the building as quick as you can kill the guards out front silently. Then run up the stairs ,turn left if they are still in the room, kill the guy on the opposite side of the table. If they are running down the flight of stairs the first guy will be wearing a red leather jacket, kill the guy behind him and run as fast as you can to the train station without being killed.

All weapons: On the title screen press XBAXBXA AND THEN PRESS LEFT TRIGGER

Get Silenced Ballers: Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any mission

Get Sawed Off Shotgun: Get a Silent Assassin Rank in any 2 missions

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