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XBox - James Bond 007: Nightfire Cheats

Cheat Codes - Enter the following codes for the corresponding effects

Pick level: PASSPORT
Demolition Mode: TNT
Protect Mode: GUARDIAN
Uplink Mode: TRANSMIT
Unlock Explosive Scenery: BOOM
Teamwork Koth Mode: TEAMWORK
Goldeneye Strike: ORBIT
Assassination Mode: SCOPE
Equinox Level: VACUUM
Faster Laser: PHOTON
Unlock Max Zorin for Multiplayer: BLIMP
Unlock Oddjob for Multiplayer: BOWLER
Unlock Goldfinger for Multiplayer: MIDAS
Unlock Christmas Jones for Multiplayer: NUCLEAR
Unlock Miss Galore for Multiplayer: CIRCUS
Unlock Jaws for Multiplayer: DENTAL
Unlock SCARAMANGA for Multiplayer: ASSASSIN
Unlock Baron Samedi for Multiplayer: VOODOO
Unlock Xenia for Multiplayer: JANUS
Unlock Tuxedo for Multiplayer: BLACKTIE
Unlock Stronger Tranquilizers: SLEEPY
Unlock Sniper Level: MELTDOWN
Unlock Golden Gun: TARGET
All multiplayer Characters: PARTY
Larger Sniper Rifle Clip: MAGAZINE
Unlock Countdown Level: BLASTOFF
Larger Sniper Rifle Clip: MAGAZINE
Unlock Renard for Multiplayer: HEADCASE
Unlock Golden P2K: Q LAB (Must have the space)

Unlimited PP7 ammo: When you are playing level 12 on 1 player get a gold medal with all 007 icons.

Use Shelby Cobra on the Vanquished Level: On the Vanquished level pause the game and HOLD L1 and press Right, Right, Left, left, Up.

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