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PlayStation / PSOne - Wip3out Cheats

Four player link-up mode - Load up the game on two linked playstations, go to the options screen and select 'game setup'. Change the default name of player one to LINK. The screen should flash and you can then select 'establish link' from the options menu.

Tracks and Teams - Winning enough gold medals will eventually result in additional tracks and teams becoming accessible.

Turbo start - Keep the blue speed bar just under the shield bar at the start of the race. If you time it correctly then you will get a turbo boost.

Smooth landing - After launching from a jump, remember to press UP on the d-pad before you land. This will stop your craft from going out of control when it lands.

Hyper-thrust - Pressing R1 during a race will give you additional speed although it uses up a lot of your shield energy so you should only use it once or twice during a race.

Shield energy - To replenish lost shield energy, remember to stop off in the pits. Look at the pit indicator at the top of the screen to find out where the next pit is.

Enter the following as default name for the corresponding cheat: ( _ indicates a space)

Access All Tracks - W I Z Z P I G
Extra Vehicles - J A Z Z N A Z
Phantom Class - A V I N I T
Unlimited Hyperthrust - M O O N F A C E
Unlimited Shields and Hyperthrust - G E O R D I E
Collisions - N O W H E E L S
Infinite Weapons - D E P U T Y
Tournaments - B U N T Y
White Speed-ups - B E B E D E E
Bonus Circuit - C A N E R _
Bonus Circuit - C A N E R W
Unlock All Challenges - T H E H A I R

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