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PlayStation / PSOne - Wild Arms Cheats

Multiple Items - For this cheat to work only one of the item may be present in your inventory. Enter a battle and do the following:

(a) The first character should use a healing item
(b) The second character should use the same healing item
(c) The final character should exchange the positions of the healing item and the item to be duplicated. Then let them use the healing item.

Once you have won the battle you should have 255 of the item. Make sure not to win before the above steps have been completed.

The password for the Memory Temple is EMIKO

During a battle insert the 2nd controller and the player with the 2hd controller can play the characters as well. Go to the three islands located in the southern region of the map, after battling eight to ten battles you'll then battle the Hayokonton, some aliens. You will get lots of experience from battling them and sometimes you will get duplicators.

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