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XBox - Steel Battalion Cheats

Unlock All VTs in Free Mission Mode: On the title screen, use the tuner and point it at these numbers at one second intervals between your choices: 1, 9, 7, 9, 0, 9, 0, 6. Entered correctly, the game will sound off. The tuner should be looked at as a 12- hour clockface with 0 in the 9 o'clock position, the 4 in the 12 o'clock position, and the 8 in the 3 o'clock position.

Unlock Black And White Graphics: Give Tekki an old fashioned look by finishing Mission 23 on Veteran or higher difficulty. Press START + NIGHTSCOPE while the mission is loading to enable switching between colour and black and white.

Unlock Full Screen Mode: Earn 550000 Command Points to unlock Full Screen Mode. Press IGNITION + START while playing.

Unlock Infinite Fuel And Ammo: Accrue 100 hours of play time and complete the 2080 Campaign once more. During the loading screen, press START + MAGAZINE CHANGE to unlock infinite fuel and ammo (bye-bye Wagonmaster!).

Unlock No Weight Limit Mode: Play mission 6 on Normal or higher difficulty in campaign or free mission mode. Fight to the Jaralaac base. Although you cannot enter the base yet (that's mission 7) you can "rescue" a friendly trooper past the base's doors. The base entrance constantly spawns Jaralaac-Cs and Ns, and coupled with the fact that the friendly trooper is about the size of an ant (compared to your VT) you may have one hell of a time trying to find and grab the trooper using the manipulator arm.

NOTE: Do not press manipulator or switch to another sub-weapon; the soldier needs to be held in the manipulator arm to unlock the cheat. Finish the mission by fleeing back to the mission's starting area. During a campaign or free mission stage, press START + MAIN WEAPON SELECT during the mission title (the screen before the briefing/purchase screen); if done correctly, the message "WEP ALL" will appear on the briefing screen.

Unlock Quasar VT: Play Mission 7 or 17. As you enter the second floor of the Jaralaac base, head into the small room on the left. Kill the enemy inside and you will find a box in the back of that small room. Use the manipulator arm to grab the box and you will receive a transmission. Clear the stage and the Quasar will be unlocked for campaign and free mission modes.

Unlock Searchlight: For an alternate method of looking around during night missions, play Mission 20 on Normal (or harder difficulty) in campaign or free mission mode. A tan-shirt soldier will be randomly placed on one of the black iron truss watchtowers. Use the manipulator arm to seize and hold him and finish the mission to unlock the searchlight.

NOTE: Do not press manipulator arm or switch to a sub-weapon or the cheat will not be unlocked. The soldier needs to be held in the manipulator to count. You may find it easier to kill two of the three enemy VTs on the map before searching watchtowers. Also, if you have access to the Juggernaut or Quasar, the 430 SB cannon can destroy empty watchtowers with a few shots in order to mark which towers you've searched before. During night missions (i.e., mission 7 or 17) the F2 button can utilise the searchlight, which may or may not help some pilots.

Unlock The Juggernaut VT: Earn 800000 Command Points and the Juggernaut will be available (Colonel rank). The Juggernaut is the same as the Quasar in most respects, but has a larger weight limit.

Unlock The Rapier VT: Earn 10 medals and the Rapier Light VT will be available.

Unlock VT Jumping: Finish Mission 23 on Magnum Force or higher difficulty. Press START + F3 while playing to make your VT jump (without using hydraulics). Done repeatedly, this jump can allow your VT to ascend to great heights.

Pause Trick: To pause the game, disconnect the controller from the port. When you gotta go, you gotta go, even if you are piloting a tank with legs.

Unlock Desperado Mode: Clear Mission 23 on Veteran difficulity to unlock Desperado Mode.

Unlock No Fall Mode: Beat the game in "Desperado Mode". During gameplay, press the HATCH and START buttons and your VT will never fall down.

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