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XBox - The Suffering Cheats

Unlockable: New Beginning: Beat the game once to unlock a new opening sequence for the next game you begin.

Hint: Max Out Insanity Monster Attack: At the part of the game inside a prison, where you are supposed to help the guard get accros the wall, slayers will keep spawning until you shine the light on them. If you don't use the light and let them keep coming, keep killing the slayers as they come. When your insanity hits full, keep using the main attack until you run out, and repeat this as many times as you like until your little blue bar disappears in the lower right. When done, just shine the spot to stop the slayers, and continue on your merry little way.

Easter Egg: The Ring: Reach level fifteen, "An eye for an eye..." After you talk to your children and wife (whom are within the prision cells), some baddies appear and blow a hole through the wall. Going through this hole leads you into the COs breakroom. Before leaving this room, make sure you pick up the phone next to the door. A voice on the other end tells you "You will die in seven days!" in an obvious reference to the movie The Ring.

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