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XBox - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cheats

Passwords: Go to the options and then go to the password screen. Next you will see 5 symbols

New Leonardo Outfit: LDMSR or RMMLL
New Raphael Outfit: DMDML
New Donatello Outfit: DDSMS
New Michaelangelo Outfit: RRLMD or DLDSM
Defense Doubles for Leonardo: MRLLM
Defense Doubles for Raphael: LRMDS
Defense Doubles for Donatello: SSSMR
Defense Doubles for Michaelangelo: MRRML
Power Ups Effect Doubles Michaelangelo: MMSLR
Power Ups Effect Doubles Leonardo: LSLSR
Power Ups Effect Doubles Raphael: SLDSM or MSLLR
Power Ups Effect Doubles Donatello: DMDRS
Attack Power Up for Raphael: RDSRL
Attack Power Up for Donatello: DRLDS
Attack Power Up for Leonardo: LMLSD
Max Out Shurikens for Leonardo: SMRDM
Max Shurikens and All Pizza for Michaelangelo: DRDSS
Sprinter Unlocked for Story Mode: MSRLS
Playmates Unlocked in Database: LSDRM
New Sound Effects: SMMRS
Defense Power up for Michaelangelo: MSRMM

Get Challenge Mode Unlocked: Beat story mode using all 4 turtles

Get Stage Select Levels: Beat a level to unlock it for Stage Select

Get the Secret of Gembu: Beat Dojo Stage #3 using all 4 turtles and you get the Secret of Gembu move which will damage all enemies on screen.

Get Characters for Vs. Mode:

Casey Jones: Beat Stage 1 with Raphael
Evil Turtlebot: Beat Stage 3 with any turtle
Hun: Beat Stage 6 with Michaelangelo
Splinter: Beat Dojo Stage 3 with Leonardo
Shredder: Beat Shredder with any turtle
Oroku Saki: Beat Saki with any turtle
Yoshi Hamato: Beat Challenge Mode with any turtle

New Costumes: Change your Xbox System date to Dec 24th or 25th to get Santa outfits or October 31st for Halloween outfits.

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