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XBox - Terminator: Dawn of Fate Cheats

Glitch: Conserved Adrenaline Attack: This can be done with the baton weapon - just before you "fire" the baton (i.e. attack with it), turn on the adrenaline and press fire. Once the animation starts, turn off the adrenaline to save it. However, if you continue to hold down fire, you'll notice the baton attack is "powered up".

Hint: Easy Tech Points And Kills: Zoom your weapons to get a better aim. Attack the necks of endoskeletons for Skynet Tech Points. This also kills the enemy faster so you can deal with the tougher Hunter-killers.

Hint: Zoom Controls: Turrest guns can zoom if you press in the left control stick ("L3"). Pressing the left stick repeatedly with normal weapons also affects zoom.

Control Intro: To control the intro sequence, press L or R to zoom in and out.

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