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XBox - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Cheats

Spider-Man: To earn Spider-Man as a secret character you must earn 100% completion on all the THPS2 levels.

Unlimited Special: Pause the game and Exit. play a 2 player game. both of the players have to do this together. pause then hit up, down, up, left. it should say its beginning to smell like burning plastic folks.

Get Officer Dick: Finish career mode with 100% using any skater

Get Original Tony Hawk's Career Mode: Get gold in the Tampa Bay competition

Get Tony Hawk's 2 Career Levels: Get gold on 3 competitions in career mode.

Get New York Subway Level: In the Tony Hawk 1 Career levels get ALL the tapes.

Grind the Helicopter when its moving: Hit the wires under the mounted statue. You'll hear "Please clear all runways REPEAT Please clear all runways" and the helicopter will start to take off. Now skate to wards it and jump, if you make it you'll grind until it gets really high. If you don't well you'll get hit by the blades and fall off.

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