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PlayStation / PSOne - Ridge Racer Cheats

Extra Cars - Destroy all the ships in the Galaga game whilst Ridge Racer is loading, this will give you extra cars when you begin. You will see the word "Perfect" appear on the screen if you have successfully destroyed all the ships.

Extra Tracks - Finish all four tracks first to be given access to four more tracks. These are the reverse of your original tracks.

Mirror Mode - To race on a mirrored track simply turn around at the beginning of the race after you have reached 60mph. On normal tracks turn before you get to the main straight. On the extra tracks turn around before you get to the first corner. Accelerate hard and drive straight into the brick wall that you will see.

Moving The Ridge Racer Flag - Hold down L1 and R1 or L2 and R2 and then press the directional buttons and the other control buttons to move the flag around the screen, rotate and resize it.

Devil Car (Black Lamborgini) - After you have placed first on all three standard tracks. Now go to the time trial mode and you'll find yourself racing against two cars instead of one. The third car is the 13th Racing Devil Car. To beat it you should overtake it in the second lap when it is stationary. You should then stick to the marked course . If you beat it you will then be able to select it on the car select screen by going left of the first car.

Spinning Cars and Tracks - Hold down L1 and R1 during the car and level selects to make them rotate.

Save Options - You can save your game to your memory card by selecting the fastest laps screen from the menu. This will save you scrores, the extra cars, the Lamborgini and the extra tracks.

Extra Ships during Galaga - Hold down L1 UP TRIANGLE AND CROSS while the game loads. You will now have twice as much fire power this wil make it easier to destroy all the ships to get the extra cars.

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