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XBox - Wrath Unleashed Cheats

Hint: Frozen enemies: Once an enemy is frozen they cannot be immediately damaged. Any physical attack will break the freeze without dealing any damage, but will leave the enemy stunned and vulnerable to the rest of any combo attack.

Hint: Power combos: Execute two or three quick attacks followed by a slow attack to execute a combo. To add more power to the combo you can hold down the slow attack button while you deal the first few quick attacks, effectively charging the final slow attack for massive damage.

Hint: Replenish Magic: Crystals scattered in the various battle arenas protrude from the ground, and standing next to them will replenish your character's magic. The crystals vary in color, correlating to the four elements--they'll replenish anyone's magic, but characters with a matching element will replenish faster. Here's a tip: stand next to a magic replenishing crystal and you can continue to use your magic--either for attacks or defensive strategies--while your magic builds back up. Your magic won't run out until the power in the crystal is exhausted.

Unlock Gods: Unlock the God version of the associated Demi-God by finishing the Demi-God's campaign. Gods rank as Overlords and have the same abilities as Demi-Gods, however they fly (instead of walk), they have more life, and they cost 50% more to purchase in the Army Builder.

Unlockable: Elephant Pool Arena: To unlock the Elephant Pool arena in Versus mode, win 20 team battles.

Unlockable: Metal Age Arena: To unlock the Metal Age arena in Versus mode, win 100 arena battles.

Cheat Codes:

Enter the following cheats at the title screen.

Large World Map Characters: LEFT, X, UP, Y, RIGHT, B, DOWN, B

Enter the following cheat at the Versus Creature Select screen:

Character Variations in Versus: L, L, DOWN, DOWN, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, WHITE, R, L, BLACK, R, R, WHITE

Enter the following cheat at the Team Fighter Creature Select screen<:/p>

Character Variation in Team Fighter: L, L, DOWN, DOWN, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, WHITE R, L, BLACK, R, R, R, WHITE

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