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Sony PSP - Dead To Rights: Reckoning Cheats

Unlock Supercop and Challenge mode

Supercop mode (hard difficulty): Beat game in Normal
Normal Challenge mode: Beat game in Normal


Infinite Adrenaline: Complete stage 5
Infinite ammos: complete stage 4
Super Deformed Mode: complete stage 2
Incredible Fit Dog:complete stage 6

Supercop unlockables (All cheats and skins are unlocked by playing on Supercop difficulty)

Maxine Skin: Beat The Mansion mission
Cabal Boss Skin: Beat Dockyards mission
Fists of Flame: Beat Old Church mission
All weapons: Beat Villa mission
No Damage: Beat Rooftops mission
Incredibly Fit Dog: Beat Under Rink mission
Infinite Adrenaline: Beat Back Streets mission
Super Deformed Mode: Beat Pink Starfish mission
Infinite Ammo : Beat Train Yards mission

Unlockables Bonuses (Complete these chapters on Rookie/Normal to unlock the bonuses)

Biker 2 (Multiplayer Skin): Chapter 01
Bar (Multiplayer Arena): Chapter 02
Biker Boss (Skin): Chapter 03
Triad2 (Skin): Chapter 04
Jack2 (Skin): Chapter 05
Triad Boss (Skin): Chapter 06
Militia2 (Skin): Chapter 07
Militia Boss (Skin): Chapter 08
Cabal1 (Skin): Chapter 09
Cabal2 (Skin): Chapter 10
Mansion (Arena): Chapter 11
Whisper (Skin): Chapter 12

Unlock Everything Enter your name as DoggieStyle (case sensitive) to unlock everything.

Dead to Rights Reckoning Secrets: Play Multiplayer with one disc. It's simple. First, the host must create a game. Choose all the settings, etc, and actually start the game. Then, pop out the UMD, and give it to a friend. Your friend simply loads up the game on his PSP, and then joins your game. This can work with several people in the same manner.

However, setting the frag limit high is a good idea, because once the game is over, you have to redo the whole process, because the game needs to load again, and cannot without a UMD.

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