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Sony PSP - Dynasty Warriors Cheats

Sound Test Complete the game with 1 character from each kingdom to unlock Sound Test in the Option menu.

Unlock more characters Just simply complete Musou mode with the said characters to unlock the right chracter.

Shu: Zhuge Liang - Lui Bei - Pang Tong: Complete Musou mode with any default Shu character.
Wu: Sun Jian - Sun Ce - Sun Quan: Complete Musou mode with any default Wu character.
Wei: Cao Cao - Cao Ren - Sima Yi : Complete Musou mode with any default Wei character.
Other: Yuan Shao - Dong Zhuo: Complete Musou mode once with one character from each kingdom
Other: Lu Bu - Diao Chan - Zhu Rong: Complete Musou mode with any default Other character.
Wu: Da Qiao - Xiao Qiao: Complete Musou mode with Sun Ce.
Wu: Zhou Tai - Huang Gai - Lu Meng: Complete Musou mode with Sun Jian
Complete Musou mode with Liu Bei
Wei: Zhang He - Zhang Liao - Xu Huang: Complete Musou mode with Cao Cao
Other: Zhang Jiao - Meng Huo: Complete Musou mode with one character from Shu, Wu, and Wei

Hidden Deployable Officers

Qiong Ying, Hu San Niang, Li Shi Shi and Cai Wen Ji : Get 50 Officers
Sanada Yukimura, Keiji Maeda, Nobunaga Oda, Mitsuhide Akechi, Goemon Ishikawa, Kenshin Uesugi, Oichi, Okuni, Kunoichi, Magoichi Saika, Shingen Takeda: Get 100 Officers
Masamune Date, Noh, Hanzo Hattori, Ranmaru Mori and Hideyoshi Hashiba: Get 100 Officers
Yoshimoto Imagawa, Tadakatsu Honda and Ina : Get 150 Officers

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