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Sony PSP - Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory Cheats

Gallery Images:

A.D.A.M: Create a save file.
Deucalion-A: Complete the game twice.
Deucalion-B: Complete the game twice.
Gryphus: Defeat the level eight boss.
Lycaon: Defeat Lycaon in the Tower.
Mars: Defeat Mars in the Tower.
Statius: Defeat the level seven boss.
Type01: Create a save file.
Alkmaion: Defeat the level six boss.
Briareos: Defeat the level four boss.
Minos: Defeat the level three boss.
Sphinx: Defeat the level five boss.

Hint: Beginner's Respawn Exploit: In the very first room where you get your first weapons, you may opt to retrieve and trade them for an elixir. However, the game will not advance unless you have weapons, so they will reappear. Continue to trade those respawning weapons for elixirs until you tire of the exercise.

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