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Sony PSP - Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Cheats

Online Badges: Here are ways to earn/unlock badges while playing online Multiplayer

Ammo Expertise: Expert: Around 250 Headshots; Elite: around 500 Headshots

Armor Expertise: Expert and Elite badges are earned by finding Flak Jackets

Explosive Expertise: Expert: Around 200 Exp. kills(MGL, SMAW or M67) Elite: 500 Exp. kills

Field Medic: Expert and Elite: HEAL!!!! Just keep on Healing!

Gadget Expertise: Expert and Elite: Get Kills with Taser, Laser Mines, Claymores

Hand-To-Hand: Expert: Around 30 Melee kills; Elite: Around 50 Melee Kills

One Handed Skill: Expert: Around 250 Single Handed Guns(pistols) Elite: Around 500 Single Handed Guns{Shotguns might possibly count}

Triage Expert: Around 100 Revives; Elite: Around 200; WARNING: YOU MUST KEEP REVIVING OR ELSE THERES A CHANCE OF YOU LOSING IT!!

Training Rewards: From the main menu select single player. Then select training mode. Then chose the training level you wish to try.

Famas: Complete the 2nd training mission in under 3 minutes

SP-57: Complete the 1st training mission in under 1 minute and 25 seconds

UNP .45: Complete the 3rd training mission without wasting a shot

Unlock The Rocket Launcher For Use In Mission Mode: SMAW: Shoot All The Small Warheads In 4-3

Destroy DU containers in episode 4: In missions 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3, there will be 5 DU containers scattered about each level. Shoot each one to unlock weapons for use in Mission Mode.

M1 Super 90 in Mission Mode: Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-1

M16A2 in Mission Mode: Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-2

M4 Carbine in Mission Mode: Destroy 5 DU containers in 4-3

Unlockable Bonus Missions: Complete certain tasks to unlock 5 different bonus missions.

Goodnight, Sweetheart: Beat all the time limits in the Training Missions

Up a Column Without a Paddle: Obtain all patches for "Elite Weapons Expert"

Trapped In The Hornets Nest: Obtain all patches for "Combat Sharp Shooter"

Birds of a Feather: Finish Story Mode on Normal or Hard

Jimmy Zhou's Army: Finish "Birds of a Feather"

Unlockables in the Bonus Missions:

M249 SAW: Beat KemSynth Tower in less than 2:42

Shot Defender: Beat Sana Yemen in less than 3:39  

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