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Nintendo Gamecube - Baten Kaitos Cheats

Namco Character Magnus Cards

Character Magnus 5: Wonder Momo: Keep a Momotaro magnus long enough and it will evolve into Wonder Momo (PC-Engine fans anyone?)

Namco Character Magnus 1: Pac-Man: Combine the following cards:Cherry+Strawberry+Orange+Apple+Melon= PAC MAN!!!!

Namco Character Magnus 2: Pac Land Pac-Man: After enough time, Pac-Man (normal) will turn to his appearance circa Pac Land

Namco Character Magnus 3: Pac Mania Pac-Man: After enough time, Pac Land Pac-Man will turn to Pac Mania Pac Man.

Namco Character Magnus 4: Momotaro (Peach Boy): Keep a Momo (Peach) magnus long enough and it will evolve into Momotaro

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