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Nintendo Gamecube - Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Cheats

In order to receive 100,000 gil: Go to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna and collect a drop of myrrh. Go back to Alfitaria and talk to Knocfelna again, wait until the year is odd. Go to Marr's Pass and talk to Te Odo the female Selkie,collect a drop of myrrh then go to the east side of the Jegon River and talk to the disguised princess. Leave via land, then return to the east side, Knocfelna should be hanging around the Jegon River. Talk to him and collect another drop of myrrh.

Head over to the Fields Of Fum and find the Knocfelna talking to the princess, collect another drop of myrrh and then go to Leuda by boat and witness Knocfelna's heated discussion with the princess. Talk to both of them, then leave, collect a drop of myrrh. Return to Leuda and talk to the princess and Knocfelna again. Leave via land and return to Leuda. View cutscene, go all the way back to Alfitaria. View cutscene and accept the gift of 100,000 gil from the princess.

This Can Only Be Played On Gameboy Screens. Collect All Mog Stamps from Moogle Nests,and return to a Nest to Play.

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