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Nintendo Gamecube - Freekstyle Cheats

Infinite Freek Meter: Enter ALLFREAK in as a code to have infinite Freeky goodness.

Invisible Bike: Use the code SQUATTER and the rider will look as if he is just sitting in mid air! Unlock all four of the unlockable riders with one code Select the Codes entry from the Options menu and key in FULLHOUS. You should get a message telling you that the code is valid.

PS2 Codes that Work on the GCN: The Following Codes work on the GCN, just as they did on the PS2 (All codes only operate in multiplayer/practice modes) Enter at the Options/Enter Codes screen:

Player Unlock Codes: COOLDUDE - Clifford Adoptante GIMEGREG - Greg Albertyn TOUGHGUY - Mike Jones BLONDIE - Jessica Paterson

Bike Unlock Codes:

Brian Deegan's Bikes: WHATEVER - Mulisha Man HEDBANGR - Heavy Metal WHOZASKN - Dominator

Leeann Tweeden's Bikes: OVENMITT - Hot Stuff STYLIN - Trendsetter GOODLOOK - Seducer

Mike Metzger's Bikes: EYEDROPS - Bloodshot BRRRRRAP - Rock Of (the?) Ages SEVENTWO - Rhino Rage

Stefy Bau's Bikes: HEREIAM - Amore SPARKLES - Disco Tech TWONEONE - 211

Clifford Adoptante's Bikes: SUPDUDE - Gone Tiki GOFLOBRO - Island Spirit STOKED - Hang Loose

Mike Jones's Bikes: KICKBUTT - Beater Bike HORNS - Lil' Demon PLUNGER - Flushed

Jessica Patterson's Bikes: HEKACOOL - Speedy LIGHTNIN - Charged Up TONBOY - Racer Girl

Greg Albertyn's Bikes: ALLSHOOK - The King Patriot - National Pride NUMBER1 - Champion

Outfit Unlock Codes Brian Deegan's Outfits: RIPPED - Muscle Bound SOLDIER - Commander

Mike Metzger's Outfits: HELLOOOO - Ecko MX BODYART - All Tatted Up

Leeann Tweeden's Outfits: THNKPINK - Fun Lovin' SPICY - Red Hot

Stefy Bau's Outfits: KIDSGAME - Playing Jax INVASION - UFO Racer

Clifford Adoptante's Outfits: WINGS - Tiki NOSLEEVE - Tankin' It

Greg Albertyn's Outfits: ILOOKGUD - Sharp Dresser COMET - Star Rider

Mike Jones's Outfits: BABYBLUE - Blue Collar BOXCARS - High Roller

Jessica Patterson's Outfits: LAYERS - Warming Up NOT2GRLY - Hoodie Style

Other Codes: ALLFREEK Infinite Freekout/Boost Quick Freekout Accumulation, Quick Boost Accumulation, and Unlimited Boost Power To make the Freekout meter fill up faster, go to the Codes section from Options. Enter GOBIGNOW. To make quicker boost accumulation, enter HURRYUP at the Codes entry screen. And to just make unlimited boost power, at the Codes entry screen, enter LAZYRIDR

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