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Nintendo Gamecube - Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

Enter the following code to gain these powers: 

Legacy Invincibility: Enter INVULN as a name.
Permanent super shot with large crossbow: Enter SSHOTS as a name.
Permanent Pojo the Chicken: Enter EGG911 as a name.
Permanent Anti-Death: Enter 1ANGEL as a name.
Permanent invisibility: Enter 000000 as a name.
Permanent x-ray vision: Enter PEEKIN as a name.
Permanent full turbo: Enter PURPLE as a name.
Permanent triple shot: Enter MENAGE as a name.
Permanent reflect shot: Enter REFLEX as a name.
Permanent shrink enemy and growth: Enter DELTA1 as a name.
Always have nine potions and keys: Enter ALLFUL as a name.
Run quickly: Enter XSPEED as a name.
Throw quickly: Enter QCKSHT as a name.
10,000 gold per level: Enter 10000K as a name.

Introduction sequence: Press L at the Midway Games screen to see how the story begins. B

Bonus levels: Play the first level three or more times, then go to the Section level. Play that level two times to unlock another section of levels.

Screensaver: Pause game play and do not press any buttons. Eventually some axes will start flying around the screen.

Exceed maximum health: Use the following trick to receive more than your maximum health at any time, except if you have 9999 health. You need to have an Anti-Death item and near full to full health. Then, find a Red Death and use the Anti-Death on him. If done correctly, you will not be able to eat any food, but you will have more health than the maximum limit.

Invisible flapping door: On the second level in the Province, destroy the train with the spikes on the track with any attack. The door that it exits from will flap as if something went through it.

Floating Ogre: Unlock the Ogre then go to a level that has levitation. Turn it on and walk forward. Although his feet are not touching the ground you can kick enemies.

Character Codes: Input these codes as a new characters name.

S&M Dwarf: NUD069
Happy Face: STX222
Chainsaw: KJH105
Punkrock: PNK666
Ninja: TAK118
Employee Stig: STG333
Waitress: KAO292
Ex-Employee Chris: CSS222
Football Dude: RIZ721
Manager Mike: DIB626
Karate Steve: SJB964
Created by Don: ARV984
Schoolgirl: AYA555
Cheerleader: CEL721
Rat Knight: RAT333
Regular Garm: GARM99
Sickly Garm: GARM00
Sumner: SUM224
Sky General: SKY100
Mountain General: MTN200
Town General: TWN300
Castle General: CAS400
Ice General: ICE600
Desert General: DES700
Battle General: BAT900
Pojo the chicken: EGG911
Stick figure jester: STX222
Warrior with a Rat's head: RAT333
Big headed jester: PNK666
Knight in a ninja suit w/ claws: TAK118

10,000 Gold: Enter 10000K.
Invincibility: Enter INVULN.
Invisibility: Enter 000000.
Super Crossbow: Enter SSHOTS.
Triple Shot: Enter MENAGE.
Reflect Shot: Enter REFLEX.
Anti-Death: Enter 1ANGEL.
X-Ray Vision: Enter PEEKIN.
Full Turbo: Enter PURPLE.
Enemies Always Shrunk: Enter DELTA1.
Have 9 Potions and Keys: Enter ALLFUL.
Run Quickly: Enter XSPEED.
Throw Quickly: Enter QCKSHT.
Knight in Black armore: DARTHC

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