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Nintendo Gamecube - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee Cheats

How to open Cheat Mode: To open the cheat mode, first press and hold L,B,R. then relase B,R,L in that order. must have Versus mode highlighted. If done correctly a white box should open for you to put numbers in. Must type a correct number code to use a cheat code.

Cheat Codes: Input theses by doing the following: Press and hold L, B, R in order, the Release B, R, L in that order. the Code Entry box should appear.

Black & White Mode: 567980
Technicolor mode: 661334
11 Coninutes in Adventure Mode: 760611
P1 is micro monster (1/3 norm. size): 986875
P2 is micro monster: 971934
P3 is micro monster: 895636
P4 is micro monster: 795735
All Players are micro monsters: 174204
P1 is damage-proof: 843901
P2 is damage-proof: 706149
P3 is damage-proof: 188522
P4 is damage-proof: 286552
All players are damage-proof: 505634
P1 deals quad (4x) damage: 511012
P2 deals quad damage: 815480
P3 deals quad damage: 212454
P4 deals quad damage: 286552
All players deal quad damage: 817683
Health regenerates: 492877
All buildings and Objects become throwable: 756287
All buildings become in destructible: 112122
All monsters are invisible: 316022
One time energy (Energy doesn't recharge over time, but energy weapons do more damage): 650867
P1 Always in Rage: 649640
P2 Always in Rage: 122224
P3 Always in Rage: 548053
P4 Always in Rage: 451242
Turn Military On/Off: 256806
Player Indicators always On: 135984
Super Energy (Constant Full energy ball) P1: 677251
Super Energy P2: 435976
Super Energy P3: 603696
Super Energy P4: 291680
No health power-ups: 562142
No Mothra power-ups: 134615
No energy power-ups: 413403
No rage power-ups: 119702
No freeze tanks: 841720
Unlock Godzilla 2K: 225133
Unlock Gigan: 616233
Unlock King Ghidorah: 877467
Unlock Rodan: 104332
Unlock Destoroyah: 537084
Unlock Mecha King Ghidorah: 557456
Unlock Mecha Godzilla: 131008
Unlock all monsters except Orga: 696924
Unlock all cites: 480148
No Status HUD: 443253
Display version of game and time of completion in the Options: 097401
Armies deal quad (4X) damage: 308929
View Credits: 176542

Unlock Destroyah: To unlock Destroyah beat adventure mode on any difficulty with Godzilla 2000

Unlock Gallery Pictures: To unlock the game's gallery pictures for up close viewing, go through the game on hard difficulty. When you're fighting, various buildings that you destroy will have special Atari power-ups inside. Collect these to unlock a gallery picture.

Unlock Gigan: To unlock Gigan, beat the game on adventure mode with Angilas.

Unlock Godzilla 2000: Beat adventure mode on any difficulty with Godzilla 90's to recieve Godzilla 2000.

Unlock Mecha Ghidorah: Complete the adventure mode on any difficulty with King Ghidorah to unlock Mecha Ghidorah.

Unlock Mecha Godzilla: Complete adventure mode on any difficulty with Mecha King Ghidora to unlock Mecha Godzilla. Unlock Mecha-King Ghidorah Beat adventure mode on any difficulty with King Ghidorah to get Mecha-King Ghidorah

Unlock Orga: To unlock the monster Orga, complete adventure mode on the hardest difficulty.

Unlock Rodan: Defeat Adventure mode with Gigan in any difficulty

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