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Nintendo Gamecube - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

To gain these results enter the following code: 

Cat: Befriend Romana. In Fall of Chapter 2, wake up at a later time in the morning than your wife. Romana will knock at your door and give you a cat.

Ducks: First, you must buy a pond for 2,500G from Takakura. Then, during Summer of Chapter 2, wake up in the morning at a later time than your wife.

Goat: Buy it from Van for 4,000G whenever he has his shop open during Spring.

Stop Rain: To stop the rain simply go into the Mine and dig (you dont have to find anything). When you come out the rain will have stopped, this works on Hurricaines too.

Summon your horse from anywhere: Double-tapping R makes your character whistle a different tune, which summons your horse from anywhere in the town.

More Mama's Milk: If you have a milking room, you can push your cows into the room and a machine will milk your cow(s) for you. If you have a cow that produces Mama's Milk push the cow in there. When it's done milking your cow, instead of milking only one Mama's Milk, it will have milked five.

Sleepless Rest: You can get the rest of sleeping without passing any time. Go to the Diary and chose Sleep. It will ask you to Save first. Choose "Yes", and watch the short sleep scene. After doing so, reset the system. Load up your file. It will be right before you went to sleep, but you'll still have the rest.

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