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Nintendo Gamecube - Kinniku Man 2-Yo Cheats

Unlockable Characters: In story mode you only have 7 characters to select from. Listed below is the unlockable character and how to get them.

The following Wrestlers are available from VS Mode and Tournament Mode from the start but not Story Mode.

King Muscle (aka Suguru Kinnikuman): Beat Story Mode with Kid Muscle (aka Mantaro Kinnikuman)
TerryMan: Beat Story Mode with Terry Kenyon (aka Terry the Kid)
Blocken Jr: Beat Story Mode with Jaeger (aka Jade)
Robin Mask: Beat Story Mode with Kevin Mask
Sunshine: Beat Story Mode with CheckMate
Ramenman: Beat Story Mode with Wally Tusket (aka Seiutin)
Buffaloman: Beat Story Mode with Dik Dik Van Dik (aka GazelleMan)

The following wrestlers, once accessed can be accessed in Story Mode and in VS Mode and Tournament Mode

Scar Face: Collect 100 Toy Capsules
Hanzo: Collect 200 Toy Capsules
Bone Cold: Collect 300 Toy Capsules
Warsman: Beat Story Mode with Scar Face
The Ninjya: Beat Story Mode with Hanzo
KinKotsuMan: Beat Story Mode with Bone Cold

Note: the following character can be accessed in VS Mode and Tournament Mode but not Story Mode

PandaMan: Beat Story Mode with KinKotsuMan

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