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Nintendo Gamecube - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cheats

Wear Pajama's Instead of tunic: Beat the game once. You now can play the game with the pajamas you wore in the beginning of the game.

Alternate background music: Enter the Zelda as a name when you begin a new game to hear slightly different background music throughout the game.

Ayril's alternate costume: Beat the game twice and Ayril will have a new costume.

DX Camera: Beat the game once and save. Next time you play, the DX camera will be in your inventory. You can take color pictures instead of Black and White like the other camera did

DX Camera (First Quest): Once you've freed Tingle and gotten the camera from his prison, head to the photo shop in the Windfall plaza. - Complete all three tasks given by the camera shop owner. - Grab the blue firefly in the back of the Forest Haven. Bring it back and your camera will be upgraded.

Giant Squid locations: There are six Giant Squid hidden throughout the ocean. You can see where they are by looking for seagulls flying in a circle over the water. When you sail your boat in the correct spot, a Giant Squid will appear. To defeat the squid, lock onto the eyes with the boomerang.

The following is a list of Giant Squids and their rewards:

Four Eyed Squid: (4,A)
Great Fairy: 2x Magic Meter
Eight Eyed Squid: (1,B) 100 Rupees
Eight Eyed Squid: (5,C) 100 Rupees
Eight Eyed Squid: (6,E) 100 Rupees
Twelve Eyed Squid: (3,E) Heart Container
Twelve Eyed Squid: (6,G) Heart Container

Submarine locations: There are a total of seven submarines located in the sea.

The following is a list of all seven and what you receive for completing them:

Submarine 1: (3,A) Treasure Map 14
Submarine 2: (7,A) Heart Container
Submarine 3: (6,C) Bottle
Submarine 4: (4,D) Heart Container
Submarine 5: (7,F) Red Map, Watch Tower Locations
Submarine 6: (3,G) Treasure Map 22
Submarine 7: (5,G) Treasure Map 9

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