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Nintendo Gamecube - Looney Tunes: Back in Action Cheats


To play the whole game as "Danger Duck": On the code entry menu enter DANGERD.

To attack with a new selectable weapon: On the code entry menu enter HENSAWAY.

On the code entry menu enter:

Access All Areas: PASSPORT
Danger Duck costume: DANGERD
Free Costume Doors: SUITSYOU
Gain an extra $500: AMUNKEY
Hen Grenade attack: HENSAWAY
Invulnerability: TOUGHAGE 
Reveals Gossamer Doors in Warner Bros. Studios: GOBBLE 
Slappy Fish: SLAPPY
Unlock ACME Shrink Ray: WEENY
Unlock Cannon Ball Costume: CANNON
Unlock Duck Danger Battle: OUTTAKE
Unlock Wile E. Coyote Game: FURRYOUS

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