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Nintendo Gamecube - Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the code below:  

Unlimited Coins: Create two player profiles and earn some coins with each one. Then start a vs. match and wager some coins (R button). After that only player 1 bids coins, wins the match and earns the coins but player 2 won't loose any. You can stop when you have about 30000 - 40000 coins of each color, you won't need more to unlock all the krypt secrets.

You won't see what you bid so here's what you need to press for the desired color: right, up = Onyx right x2, up = Jade right x3, up = Ruby right x4, up = Gold right x5, up = Platinum right x6, up = Saphire.

Fatalities: Fatalities may be done from anywhere on screen. Note: 1, 2, 3, 4 represent the attack buttons. Note: Press the stance change button at the "Finish Him/Her" screen to change into your fatality stance, or you will have to figure out the distance range.

Bo Rai Cho (Belly Flop): Press Away, Away, Away, Down, 4
Johnny Cage (Brain Ripper): Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, 2
Kano (Heart Grab): Press Toward, Up, Up, Down, 1
Kenshi (ETelekinetic Crush): Press Toward, Away, Toward, Down, 3
Kung Lao (Hat Throw): Press Down, Up, Away, 3
Li Mei (Crush Kick): Press Toward, Toward, Down, Toward, 4
Mavado (Kick Thrust): Press Away, Away, Up, Up, 1
Quan Chi (Neck Stretch): Press Away, Away, Toward, Away, 3
Scorpion (Spear): Press Away, Away, Down, Away+4
Shang Tsung (Soul Steal): Press Up, Down, Up, Down, 2
Sonya (Kiss): Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, 2
Sub Zero (Spine Rip): Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, 3
Cyrax (Smasher): Press Toward, Toward, Up, 2
Drahmin (Iron Bash): Press Away, Toward, Toward, Down, 3
Frost (Freeze Shatter): Press Toward, Away, Up, Down, 1
Hsu Hao (Laser Slice): Press Toward, Away, Down, Down, 2
Jax (Head Stomp): Press Down, Toward, Toward, Down, 2
Kitana (Kiss of Doom): Press Down, Up, Toward, Toward, 2
Nitara (Blood Thirst): Press Up, Up, Toward, 1
Raiden (Electrocution): Press Away, Toward, Toward, Toward, 3
Reptile (Acid Shower): Press Up, Up, Up, Toward, 3

Krypt Keys: The following Krypts have the corresponding bonus. Bonus Krypt Koins

"Vorpax Wins" sound: VW 957 Ruby
1 Ruby Koin: RO 27 Gold
10 Worst Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance subtitles: YS 151 Platinum
102 Onyx Koins: MF 58 Jade
1056 Platinum Koins: PD 451 Ruby
107 Ruby Koins: UZ 78 Onyx
108 Gold Koins: PO 71 Ruby
116 Onyx Koins: NK 77 Jade
116 Ruby Koins: ZV 182 Onyx
120 Jade Koins: BF 263 Platinum
125 Gold Koins: OP 24 Jade
143 Ruby Koins: CS 89 Sapphire
147 Gold Koins: QN 96 Gold
15 Gold Koins: KN 7 Sapphire 1
59 Onyx Koins: RL 5 Ruby
164 Sapphire Koins: ZK 216 Ruby
165 Platinum Koins: WS 44 Onyx
177 Jade Koins: OM 88 Ruby
18 Jade Koins: DN 234 Sapphire
18 Ruby Koins: WH 24 Sapphire
18 Sapphire Koins: DA 72 Ruby
180 Gold Koins: TW 129 Ruby
1800 Jade Koins: FN 93 Jade
208 Gold Koins: RN 203 Platinum
216 Jade Koins: KS 503 Platinum
221 Onyx Koins: DO 39 Gold
222 Onyx Koins: OT 47 Platinum
227 Sapphire Koins:
YT 384 Sapphire
23 Gold Koins: YN 61 Ruby
242 Ruby Koins: YX 83 Gold
243 Platinum Koins: FV 83 Platinum
245 Onyx Koins: UG 67 Platinum
248 Sapphire Koins: WJ 165 Gold
25 Silver Koins: PR 11 Platinum
252 Platnium Koins: NG 63 Sapphire
256 Platinum Koins: RT 357 Gold
267 Oynx Koins: PU 175 Sapphire
28 Jade Koins: RI 61 Onyx
294 Onyx Koins: XE 147 Onyx
3 Pt Staff, Butterfly Knives: VC 209 Jade
3 Ruby Koins: XL 843 Onyx
32 pack of adult diapers: IE 253 Sapphire
32 Sapphire Koins: US 72 Platinum
320 Onyx Koins: UC 3 Sapphire
322 Platinum Koins: KU 219 Jade
352 Gold Koins: OX 352 Ruby
355 Ruby Koins: ZZ 254 Gold
36 Sapphire Koins: SV 145 Ruby
38 Gold Koins: AJ 26 Jade
38 Jade Koins: HX 238 Onyx
412 Jade Koins: MQ 278 Gold
44 Jade Koins: WL 22 Gold
45 Platinum Koins: UK 35 Onyx
473 Gold Koin: RZ 317 Sapphire
475 Platinum Koins: PK 157 Platinum
492 Onyx Koins: CL 332 Gold
50 Gold Koins: UM 33 Platinum
520 Sapphire Koins: UV 256 Jade
57 Gold Koins: IN 37 Sapphire
57 Sapphire Koins: AO 105 Platinum
579 Ruby Koins: DX 292 Jade
59 Ruby Koins: JE 82 Platinum
6 Platinum Koins: PB 12 Gold
600 Gold Koins: ZR 244 Onyx
638 Onyx Koins: QH 342 Jade
64 Platinum Koins: YF 16 Platinum
71 Jade Koins: CV 121 Sapphire
772 Sapphire Koins: JJ 402 Gold
78 Onyx Koins: WQ 151 Sapphire
8 On The Break Poster: LE 7800 Gold
82 Sapphire Koins: YH 78 Jade
86 Ruby Koins: DJ 186 Platinum
88 Ruby Koins: AW 76 Onyx
91 Sapphire Koins: IR 55 Jade
92 Gold Koins: JL 168 Onyx
92 Sapphire Koins: CH 48 Jade
949 Platinum Koins: ED 633 Platinum
97 Jade Koins: WV 424 Jade
97 Platinum Koins: SG 94 Ruby
98 Onyx Koins: TU 197 Gold
A Long Time Ago picture: FB 248 Ruby
A Softer Side To Cyrax: FC 310 Sapphire
Academy Promo render: CW 226 Ruby
Acid Bath: DM 428 Onyx
Acid Bath sketch: TL 360 Jade
Acid Buddha detail: WO 270 Ruby
Acid Buddha detail: XD 326 Gold
Action figure vehicles: EQ 256 Ruby
Action figures: EI 512 Sapphire
Action figures: EJ 547 Jade
Action figures: EK 424 Ruby
Action figures: EL 434 Platinum
Action figures: EM 405 Gold
Action figures: EN 246 Onyx
Action figures: EO 289 Sapphire
Action figures: EP 166 Jade
Akedo: VD 152 Ruby
Alan Villani: OR 450 Onyx
Alexander Barrentine: KQ 282 Onyx
Animators: TZ 195 Gold
Animators picture: ZT 215 Onyx
Arctic Hold: NT 275 Gold
Arena concepts: KV 256 Sapphire
Artist photo: TS 352 Onyx
Artists: KD 342 Jade
Assassin For Hire: MZ 383 Sapphire
Back to school with Mortal Kombat: OU 338 Ruby
Backstage Mortal Kombat 4 commercial: BW 329 Onyx
Backstage: Mortal Kombat 4 commercial: BV 371 Sapphire
Backstage: Mortal Kombat 4 commercial: BX 212 Platinum
Backstage: Mortal Kombat Mythologies: PY 316 Ruby
Baji Quan and Crab: VE 173 Gold
Bank Interior sketch: HM 217 Onyx
Baphomet sketch: BG 217 Sapphire
Baraka information: TY 390 Gold
Baraka's Demise video: XW 96 Ruby
Basic Fighting Strikes: VF 212 Sapphire
Basic Fighting Strikes: VG 362 Onyx
Blade arena test:OY 218 Sapphire
Blaze information: PN 684 Onyx
Blaze sketch: VB 116 Onyx
Blaze sketches: NN 452 Jade
Blood Energy Drink: BT 291 Sapphire
Blood Particle details: LA 56 Ruby
Blood Stone Mine concept: EZ 412 Platinum
Bo Rai Cho costume: PH 1200 Onyx
Bo Rai Cho picutre: ER 527 Platinum
Bo, Rai Cho sketches: WY 264 Sapphire
Book Of Destiny: CC 376 Jade
Brian Lebanon photo: NY 281 Sapphire
Bridge Arena concept: MM 215 Ruby
Bridge Arena concept: RH 208 Jade
Bridge Arena concept: UT 157 Onyx
Broadswords: VH 72 Onyx
Bug Blaster: FK 520 Platinum
Cage sketch: XB 272 Platinum
Carlos Pesina: CP 172 Ruby
Cave Arena concept video: DW 157 Ruby
Character concepts: BM 207 Onyx
Character concepts: DE 126 Gold
Character concepts: IT 269 Ruby
Character concepts: KZ 263 Jade
Character concepts: TE 261 Gold
Chrome Bling: LN 306 Onyx
Church concept: IM 227 Gold
Comic book art, 1 of 41: FX 492 Sapphire
Comic book art, 10 of 41: GG 63 Jade
Comic book art, 11 of 41: GH 418 Platinum
Comic book art, 12of 41: GI 100 Sapphire
Comic book art, 13 of 41: GJ 326 Platinum
Comic book art, 14 of 41: GK 379 Platinum
Comic book art, 15 of 41: GL 128 Ruby
Comic book art, 16 of 41: GM 555 Sapphire
Comic book art, 17 of 41:
GN 91 Gold
Comic book art, 18 of 41: GO 422 Sapphire
Comic book art, 19 of 41: GP 58 Jade
Comic book art, 2 of 41: FY 27 Ruby
Comic book art, 20 of 41: GQ 532 Jade
Comic book art, 21 of 41: GR 599 Onyx
Comic book art, 22 of 41: GS 185 Gold
Comic book art, 23 of 41: GT 307 Ruby
Comic book art, 24 of 41: GU 134 Sapphire
Comic Book Art, 25 of 41: GV 507 Platinum
Comic book art, 26 of 41: GW 264 Ruby
Comic book art, 27 of 41: GX 88 Platinum
Comic book art, 28 of 41: GY 351 Platinum
Comic book art, 29 of 41: GZ 575 Ruby
Comic book art, 3 of 41: FZ 183 Onyx
Comic book art, 30 of 41: HA 62 Gold
Comic book art, 31 of 41: HB 626 Ruby
Comic book art, 32 of 41: HC 215 Onyx
Comic book art, 33 of 41: HD 176 Sapphire
Comic book art, 34 of 41: HE 478 Sapphire
Comic book art, 35 of 41: HF 203 Onyx
Comic book art, 36 of 41: HG 555 Gold
Comic book art, 37 of 41: HH 222 Onyx
Comic book art, 38 of 41: HI 225 Jade
Comic book art, 39 of 41: HJ 637 Onyx
Comic book art, 4 of 41: GA 572 Gold
Comic book art, 40 of 41: HK 138 Gold
Comic book art, 41 of 41: HL 145 Sapphire
Comic book art, 5 of 41: GB 458 Jade
Comic book art, 6 of 41: GC 412 Gold
Comic book art, 7 of 41: GD 74 Sapphire
Comic book art, 8 of 41: GE 277 Ruby
Comic book art, 9 of 41: GF 124 Platinum
Concept characters: AY 258 Platinum
Cooking with Scorpion video: UI 270 Onyx
Cudgle: VI 184 Jade
Cyrax: CN 3003 Platinum
Cyrax arm information: SY 486 Onyx
Cyrax sketch: EY 254 Platinum
Cyrax sketch: KL 202 Platinum
Cyrax sketch: XH 352 Onyx
Cyrax test render: FA 263 Gold
Cyrax's alternate costume: ZW 1485 Sapphire
Dairou sketch: EU 262 Ruby
Dairou sketch: IU 342 Jade
Damnation Charcoal: NX 365 Sapphire
Dan Forden picture: DF 286 Platinum
Deadly Alliance Is Born photo: AG 258 Onyx
Deadly Alliance Koins: FI 262 Onyx
Deadly Alliance website: LO 329 Onyx
Development team photo: NS 270 Ruby
Dojo concept art: PL 382 Gold
Dragon and Eagle Claw: VK 268 Gold
Dragon Area concept: WW 262 Jade
Dragon Fly concept: YK 225 Platinum
Dragonfly arena: WT 1400 Jade
Dragonfly concept render: FG 291 Gold
Dragonfly render: JS 294 Ruby
Dragonfly story: CT 588 Ruby
Dragonfly Test video: KC 292 Gold
Drahmin: UR 6,500 Sapphire
Drahmin sketch: UD 252 Gold
Drahmin sketches: MO 177 Jade
Drahmin sketches: WP 247 Ruby
Drahmin's alternate costume: SW 1152 Jade
Drum Arena: EV 356 Ruby
Drum arena details: BK 136 Sapphire
Drum Arena details: PJ 292 Onyx
Drum Arena sketch: JF 332 Ruby
Drum Arena sketch: ZL 126 Jade
Drunken Master: VJ 58 Ruby
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: TN 211 Ruby
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: TO 316 Jade
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Jax: TP 294 Onyx
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo video: FL 264 Sapphire
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Scorpion: TQ 616 Platinum
Ed Boon picture: EB 237 Ruby
Edenia Golf Outfitters picture: KG 608 Jade
Edler God Hall sketch: KB 247 Jade
Empty: DV 257 Ruby
Empty: FU 20 Onyx
Empty: JZ 25 Jade
Empty: KW 257 Sapphire
Empty: LX 147 Platinum
Empty: MJ 268 Onyx
Empty: OJ 49 Ruby
Empty: OK 326 Jade
Empty: OS 166 Sapphire
Empty: PV 206 Sapphire
Empty: QE 346 Gold
Empty: QJ 49 Ruby
Empty: RX 105 Sapphire
Empty: SP 63 Gold
Empty: UU 1214 Jade
Empty: WM 36 Ruby
Empty: XN 27 Gold
Empty: YY 85 Ruby
Empty: ZA 63 Onyx
Empty: ZN 145 Sapphire
Empty Koffin: ND 212 Sapphire
Escrima and Crane: VL 180 Sapphire
Evil Masters sketch: OL 136 Platinum
Evolution of Kombat: RK 1000 Jade
Facial animation test: ZG 201 Onyx
Fallen Giants Arena sketch: OW 422 Sapphire
Fan art 1 of 5: QO 1616 Gold
Fan art 2 of 5: QP 1214 Jade
Fan art 3 of 5: QQ 950 Ruby
Fan Art 4 of 5: QR 512 Sapphire
Fan art 5 of 5: QS 825 Onyx
Fashion Model Li Mei: YW 376 Gold
Female character concepts: CF 268 Onyx
Fire Well concept: HW 56 Ruby
Forest sketch: IB 275 Sapphire
Fortress exterior sketch: IQ 257 Gold
Frost: IV 208 Ruby
Frost Color sketches: ZC 218 Platinum
Frost sketches: JC 287 Gold
Frost sketches: WK 76 Platinum
Frost's alternate costume: UB 1261 Gold
Game Play Fatalities: LD 302 Onyx
Game Play Jax Stomp Fatalities: LH 165 Jade
Game Play Kicks and Dodges: LC 462 Sapphire
Game Play Special Moves: LF 305 Gold
Game Play Throws: LG 195 Ruby
Game Play Throws sketch: LI 135 Onyx
Game Play Wall Trick Ideas: LB 258 Jade
Get Over Here!: QT 58 Onyx
Ghost Ship: BJ 178 Platinum
Giant Drummer Detail: BC 452 Gold
Goro on the kit: UJ 225 Sapphire
Goro statuette: PX 493 Onyx
Goro's Throne sketch: TX 167 Gold
Graveyard concept: YV 86 Onyx
Great Dragon Egg: CE 174 Jade
Hachiman sketch: NH 147 Onyx
Halloween masks: IP 257 Onyx
Hapkido and Nan Chuan: VN 86 Platinum
Hell concept: ZI 432 Jade
Herman Sanchez: HS 272 Jade
Hint BD is Black Dragon: ZX 178 Ruby
Hint BT is Blood Thirsty: NR 425 Sapphire
Hint CN is Cyber Ninja: IW 198 Platinum
Hint DK is Dressed to Kill: IL 207 Gold
Hint DS is Death Ship: XK 37 Jade
Hint FK is Fly Killer: BR 451 Onyx
Hint FL is First Look: LZ 511 Onyx
Hint HP is Haunted Place: PI 638 Jade
Hint IV is Icy Vixen: IH 567 Jade
Hint JT is Johnny's Tapes: CG 75 Sapphire
Hint LL is Lurking Lizard: QG 251 Ruby
Hint LO is Log On: ZO 466 Jade
Hint MW is Mongol Warrior: KP 276 Ruby
Hint PD is Pay Day: AN 52 Gold
Hint PH is Phat: IO 244 Onyx
Hint RD is Red Dragon: TK 94 Sapphire
Hint RO is Rip Off: AF 313 Onyx
Hint SA is Steel Arms: XM 254 Sapphire
Hint SF is Smelly Feet: DQ 656 Platinum
Hint SS is Sword Sale: DY 94 Gold
Hint ST is Sarna Test: EX 243 Onyx
Hint UH is Unleash Hell: FW 666 Ruby
Hint WT is Winged Transport: UE 210 Gold
Hint: XG is Ed God: RA 268 Gold
Hookswords and Sai: VO 247 Jade
House Of Pekara concept: CM 244 Gold
House Of Pekara concept: FH 215 Ruby
House Of Pekara render: NB 287 Jade
House Of Pekera arena: HP 2093 Onyx
Hsu Hao: MW 3317 Jade
Hsu Hao alternate costume: QX 1518 Jade
Hsu Hao concept: CZ 362 Onyx
Hsu Hao implant: WX 315 Gold
Hsu Hao sketches: JH 271 Gold
Hsu Hao sketches: MV 372 Platinum
Hsu Hao sketches: TM 251 Ruby
Hung Gar and Jujutsu: VP 356 Ruby
Ice Palace test video: HT 462 Jade
Ice sword: OZ 243
Platinum Jax: SA 3780 Ruby
Jax concept sketch: YL 199 Jade
Jax preliminary model: SK 176 Sapphire
Jax renderings: IZ 201 Platinum
Jax sketch concept: NE 270 Ruby
Jax vs. Kung Lao Mortal Kombat 3 picture: DC 838 Gold
Jax's alternate costume: ZM 1410 Onyx
John Nocher: JN 252 Jade
John Podlasek: JP 169 Gold
John Vogel: JV 334 Ruby
Johnny Cage: MA 471 Ruby
Johnny Cage alternate costume: DK 1460 Ruby
Johnny Cage video: JT 259 Platinum
Jojutsu: VQ 241 Gold
Jon Greenberg picture: JG 272 Jade
Judo: VR 174 Sapphire
Kabal's helmet: NO 426 Jade
Kai sketch: UL 252 Jade
Kali Sticks and Nunchaku: VS 219 Onyx
Kama and Katara: VT 405 Platinum
Kano: WZ 145 Onyx
Kano's alternate costume: BD 1520 Sapphire
Kano's cereal: CO 192 Ruby
Kano's reminder: JW 164 Sapphire
Karate: VU 180 Jade
Kenshi: QK 244 Ruby
Kenshi sketch: PM 253 Onyx
Kenshi story sketch: SU 106 Sapphire
Kenshi test render: YZ 255 Onyx
Kenshi;s alternate costume: YM 1435 Platinum
Kenshi's glass eyes: NV 290 Gold
Kenshi's sword: HY 408 Sapphire
Kerry Hoskins swim suit pin-up photo: KH 155 Platinum
Ketchup And Mustard picture: YB 358 Jade
Kitana: KI 2931 Sapphire
Kitana sketch: KE 402 Gold
Kitana sketches: JQ 237 Ruby
Kitana sketches: NI 422 Gold
Koin sketches: TJ 259 Sapphire
Konquest Mode concepts: HR 187 Jade
Konquest mode concepts: KO 197 Sapphire
Konquest Mode concepts: TH 282 Gold
Konquest Mode concepts: XR 288 Ruby
Krypt concept: ZH 372 Sapphire
Kuatan Palace sketch: RM 182 Onyx
Kuatan Palace sketch: ZU 201 Platinum
Kuatan Palace stage: JA 105 Gold
Kung Lao: SZ 322 Sapphire
Kung Lao render: PE 392 Sapphire
Kung Lao sketch: AB 186 Sapphire
Kung Lao sketch: XS 283 Platinum
Kung Lao's alternate costume: YJ 1208 Ruby
Kung Lao's dragon sword: SS 214 Platinum
Lava Shrine arena: II 1843 Gold
Lava Shrine exterior concept: IG 208 Gold
Lava Shrine Priests: IK 503 Platinum
Lava Shrine sketch: PQ 283 Sapphire
Lava Shrine sketch: PZ 186 Jade
Lava Shrine sketch: RU 176 Onyx
Lava Shrine sketch: ZF 237 Ruby
Lei Mei sketch: JK 291 Jade
Li Mei: AC 424 Platinum
Li Mei sketch: DT 332 Ruby
Li Mei sketch: FE 242 Gold
Li Mei's alternate outfit: KX 1406 Sapphire
Lifeguard Sonya picture: DD 355 Gold
Lin Kuei Temple: QC 216 Platinum
Lin Kuei Temple concept: BA 264 Onyx
Long Fist and Muay Thai: VV 192 Ruby
Luis Mangubat: LM 165 Onyx
Lung Hai Temple: MR 412 Ruby
Lung Hai Temple concept: PA 272 Ruby
Lung Hai Temple sketch: HN 382 Jade
Lung Hai Temple sketches: WU 256 Onyx
Lung Hai Termple sketch: QI 192 Sapphire
Malvado sketch: RY 274 Onyx
Marsh concept: XZ 255 Onyx
Mavado alternate costume: RD 1455 Jade
Mavado biography: KF 128 Jade
Mavado Coat concept art: AM 192 Platinum
Mavado sketches: BS 253 Sapphire
Mavado sketches: DR 273 Sapphire
Mavado sketches: QB 272 Jade
Midway Creative Media: LW 332 Gold
Midway Creative Media: RC 272 Ruby
Midway Movie Group: OI 263 Jade
Mike Boon picture: MB 188 Gold
Mike Taran: MT 227 Gold
Mokap: YP 511 Gold
Moloch promo render: AK 432 Gold
Moloch promo render: YC 257 Platinum
Moloch sketches: AD 96 Sapphire
Moloch The Hobbyist picture: PS 294 Jade
Moloch's Ball sketches: MY 167 Jade
Moloch's Lair arena: ZD 98 Ruby
Mortal Friday: XU 194 Onyx
Mortal Kandies: OO 274 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade: QW 233 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade board: JO 161 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinet security panels: AE 118 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade marquee: YI 197 Gold
Mortal Kombat 2 characters: FO 76 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 2 Print Ad: DP 224 Jade
Mortal Kombat 3 arcade cabinet: FJ 179 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 3 arcade marquee: EG 74 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 behind the sceens: XI 457 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 behind the scenes: DU 368 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 3 characters: XT 65 Jade
Mortal Kombat 3 home version: WR 125 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 3 home version: YR 143 Gold
Mortal Kombat 3 print ad: RE 107 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 3 promo art: QL 488 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 3 Scorpion vs. Jade: NP 525 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate print ad: ES 167 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 arcade marquee: SX 215 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 4 Arena concept video: QD 264 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Characters: TF 470 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 characters picture: KK 694 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 comic book: YU 374 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 Gift Cards: XP 436 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Goro vs. Cage: SR 342 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 4 home version: JY 183 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Liu Kang Fatality: UF 371 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 logo: IA 37 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 4 logo designs: QU 346 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Logo Treatment: OQ 95 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 PC version: UA 205 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 print ad: JI 266 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 Print ad: UN 152 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Road Tour: MG 134 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 Road Tour: MH 83 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Road Tour: MI 96 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Scorpion: SJ 353 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 4 Scorpion vs. Raiden: LY 160 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Sonya and Tanya: BZ 381 Platinum
Mortal Kombat arcade: MK 188 Platinum
Mortal Kombat arcade Goro: LQ 477 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat baseball caps: KJ 248 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Basketball concept: MP 314 Gold
Mortal Kombat Cage vs. Kano: KY 843 Platinum
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance at E3 Expo: QY 238 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance at E3 Expo: UW 255 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts: LR 176 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts: LS 157 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts: LU 170 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts: LV 140 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance hats: QF 311 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance logo concepts: LT 105 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance merchandise: IX 265 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance print ad: ME 237 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance print: ad SM 56 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo image: TR 392 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo pieces: SO 2 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat gear: PP 516 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Gold characters: XF 265 Gold
Mortal Kombat Gold endings: IY 281 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Gold Logo: BY 183 Gold
Mortal Kombat Gold print ad: HV 306 Jade
Mortal Kombat Hits the Big Screen: UY 359 Jade
Mortal Kombat home graphics: ZS 381 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Lunch Time lunchbox: NJ 326 Gold
Mortal Kombat music: RV 307 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Mythologies box art: EE 1200 Platinum
Mortal Kombat Pinball: HU 435 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Pit: WG 308 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat print ad: ZP 129 Jade
Mortal Kombat Rockem Sockem art: IC 326 Platinum
Mortal Kombat Screen: QM 332 Gold
Mortal Kombat stickers and tattoos: YD 412 Gold
Mortal Kombat strategy guides: KM 350 Jade
Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion: FF 1199 Gold
Mortal Kombat sweatshirt: FS 389 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Test Your Mights: RP 31 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Trading Cards: UO 243 Jade
Mortal Kombat Trading Cards: UP 406 Ruby
Mortal Kombat T-shirts: FQ 283 Platinum
Mortal Kombat T-shirts: FT 126 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat youth clothing: FR 401 Gold
Movie Storyboard 6 of 8: OF 412 Sapphire
Movie Storyboards 2 of 8: OB 248 Platinum
Movie Storyboards 3 of 8: OC 322 Gold
Movie Storyboards 4 of 8: OD 288 Ruby
Movie Storyboards 5 of 8: OE 326 Jade
Movie Storyboards 7 of 8: OG 266 Onyx
Movie Storyboards 8 of 8: OH 224 Platinum
Nethership Arena: DS 1472 Ruby
NFL Blitz Raiden as secret character: PC 20 Sapphire
Nice plats exchange: TD 172 Ruby
Nigel Casey: NC 275 Platinum
Night Wolf render: NW 875 Gold
Nitara: TI 4022 Gold
Nitara alternate costume: AR 2206 Jade
Nitara's crystal: LJ 134 Gold
Octo Garden sketch: CB 252 Sapphire
Organic arena concept: XV 503 Onyx
Outworld concept sketch: MS 253 Onyx
Palace Exterior sketch: AS 66 Jade
Palace Exterior sketch: FM 76 Onyx
Palace Exterior sketch: MX 302 Platinum
Palace Exterior sketch: TC 135 Onyx
Palace Grounds arena: KR 4222 Sapphire
Palace Interior sketch: JU 266 Platinum
Palace sketch: FP 46 Gold
Palace sketch: RR 224 Sapphire
Paulo Garcia: PG 442 Ruby
Peptic Thunder: SQ 167 Platinum
Pi Gua and Jeet Kune Do: VX 248 Sapphire
Portal: MN 176 Onyx
Portal Sphere: BL 145 Jade
Portal Story: FD 156 Onyx
Praying Mantis, Lui He Ba Fa pictures: VY 35 Onyx
Princess Kitana alternate costume: BQ 1327 Gold
Print ads: RJ 189 Gold
Programmers picture: JB 392 Sapphire
Qan Chi's Sanctum sketch: XC 352 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: Chicago: OA 142 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: Chicago: QA 142 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: Chicago picture: EF 267 Gold
Quality Assurance: San Diego picture: SD 326 Onyx
Quan Chi alternate costume: AA 1556 Gold
Quan Chi fortress: QZ 501 Gold
Quan Chi Inner Sanctum: AX 337 Gold
Quan Chi on the sax: DI 254 Sapphire
Quan Chi Promo render: NQ 157 Sapphire
Quan Chi render: XJ 197 Onyx
Quan Chi sketches: CJ 272 Ruby
Quan Chi sketches: ON 227 Jade
Quan Chi tattoo photo: AI 277
Onyx Quan Chi, information on character section: SN 175 Gold
Quan Chi's amulet: IJ 314 Ruby
Quan Chi's chest armor picture: EW 286 Platinum
Quan Chis face texture: ET 86 Sapphire
Quan Chi's Fortress sketches: NU 254 Onyx
Quan Chi's Fortress sketches: TB 259 Platinum
Quan Chi's Throne: AP 154 Platinum
Raiden: XG 3116 Jade
Raiden alternate costume: JR 1688 Ruby
Raiden performance audio: XQ 199 Jade
Raiden sketch: CR 294 Platinum
Raiden Test outfit: JX 167 Gold
Reptile: LL 3822 Gold
Reptile de-evolution: PF 343
Ruby Reptile sketch: EH 253 Onyx
Reptile skin lotion: BU 336 Platinum
Reptile's alternate costume: XO 1736 Sapphire
Reptile's Lair concept: OV 96 Onyx
Reptile's past: QV 318 Gold
Reptile's sword: SE 308 Platinum
River Front concept: IF 195 Ruby
Robert Blum picture: RB 253 Platinum
Robin Shou Mortal Kombat 3 movie interview: RS 1645 Platinum
Sambo: VZ 223 Platinum
Sarna Ruins arena: PW 2006 Sapphire
Sarna Ruins concept: MU 218 Sapphire
Sarna Ruins test video: ST 153 Jade
Scorpion: UX 509 Onyx
Scorpion Cloth test video: DL 230 Platinum
Scorpion concept sketch: AQ 226 Onyx
Scorpion Goes Back to Hell video: CX 203 Gold
Scorpion Online promo: NM 182 Sapphire
Scorpion preliminary model: HO 402 Jade
Scorpion Promo render: NF 392 Ruby
Scorpion's alternate outfit: UH 1660 Jade
Sektor's Helmet: HQ 192 Onyx
Senate Of Elder Gods concept: CQ 272 Gold
Senate Of The Elder Gods test sequence: AV 497 Ruby
Shang Tsung: AU 463 Gold
Shang Tsung drawings: JM 218 Sapphire
Shang Tsung Insouls: SF 138 Jade
Shang Tsung sketch: AH 66 Gold
Shang Tsung sketch: RQ 225 Onyx
Shang Tsung Soul concept: CD 261 Jade
Shang Tsung's alternate costume: ML 1170 Gold
Shang Tsung's palace concept art: AL 287 Ruby
Shang Tsung's Palace sketch: CA 218 Onyx
Shang Tsung's Palace sketch: RW 262 Ruby
Shang Tsung's Palace story: XY 55 Platinum
Shang Tsung's Soulnado: HZ 526 Onyx
Shao Kahn's armor: VA 299 Platinum
Shao Kahn's medal: XX 365 Onyx
Shawn Cooper: SC 226 Sapphire
Shokan Warriors: DH 199 Gold
Shuai Chiao and Shaolin Fist: VM 198 Onyx
Slaughter concept: PT 207 Sapphire
Sonja Blade alternate costume: SH 1834 Ruby
Sony sketch: YO 294 Sapphire
Sonya Blade: DG 57 Jade
Sonya concept sketch: BI 167 Jade
Sonya sketch: NA 177 Ruby
Soul Cage concept: CY 116 Ruby
Soul Chamber concept: DB 257 Sapphire
Steve Beran picture: SB 291 Jade
Story mode concept sketch: WI 242 Jade
Straight Sword: WA 194 Jade
Sub Zero: WN 143 Sapphire
Sub Zero sketch: RG 187 Gold
Sub Zero's coffee mug: ID 340 Jade
Sub Zero's Medallion: BB 326 Ruby
Sub-Zero alternate costume: YA 1999 Sapphire
Sub-Zero promo render: ZQ 282 Jade
Sub-Zero sketch: LP 442 Ruby
Sub-Zero's blade: IS 244 Ruby
Swamp Bird test video: RF 135 Jade
Swamplands sketch: AT 269 Sapphire
Swamplands sketch: BE 67 Gold
Swamplands sketch: CU 257 Sapphire
Swamplands sketch: EC 248 Sapphire
Swamplands sketch: KA 412 Onyx
Swamplands test render: JD 305 Jade
Swamplands test render: YG 312
Sapphire Tae Kwon Do: WC 156 Gold
Tai Chi Pic: WB 242 Ruby
Temple Oarsman: YE 274 Platinum
Test Your Might sketch: TT 147 Platinum
Test Your Sight concept: CI 271 Jade
Test Your Sight concept: DZ 442 Ruby
Test Your Sight concept art: AZ 442 Ruby
The Fans Speak: ZY 186 Platinum
The Grid: Noob Saibot: BO 305 Platinum
The Grid Picture: XA 172 Gold
The Grid: Guest Starts: BN 720 Onyx
The Grid: Mortal Kombat Ninjas: BP 426 Gold
The Lost Tomb: EA 258 Sapphire
The Mine Arena concept: NZ 456 Gold
Tiamat sketch: SI 292 Sapphire
Todd Allen: TA 177 Ruby
Tonfa: WD 186 Sapphire
Tong Bei and Yuan Yang: WE 186 Onyx
Tony Goskie: TG 262 Gold
Tools And Technology: SL 117 Sapphire
Tools And Technology: YQ 146 Gold
Tools And Technology picture: MD 80 Onyx
Ultimate Mortak Kombat 3 arcade marquee: BH 116 Jade
Undefeatable Army picture: UQ 185 Ruby
Water Temple concept: ZJ 272 Onyx
Wing Chun and Snake: WF 214 Platinum
Wu Shi Academy: CK 556 Jade
Wu Shi Academy Monk: NL 252 Gold
Wu Shi Academy sketches: MC 262 Platinum
Wu Shi Academy sketches: TV 273 Onyx
Wu Shi arcade test: LK 268 Onyx
Zebron sketch: ZB 993 Onyx
Zebron sketch: ZE 257 Jade

Random character select: Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start. Alternate costumes: After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, press Start at the character selection screen to access the new costume.

Versus mode stage select: Press R before either player chooses a character to get a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press Left or Right to change it to the desired stage.

Play as Blaze: Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.

Play as Mokap: Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.

Play as Cyrax easier: You would have to have at least 462 Ruby Koins and open Krypt PD (to get 1056 Platinum Koins ) and get the rest of 3003 needed to open CN for Cyrax. You can get extra Platinum Koins in the following Krypts: FV (83 Platinum Koins needed for 243 platinum Koins); PK (157 Platinum Koins needed for 475 Platinum Koins); WS (44 Onyx Koins needed for 165 Platinum Koins); and NG (63 Sapphire Koins needed for 252 Platinum Koins).

Play as Raiden easier: Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 Koins that are needed before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.

Kenshi: Immunity to Sonya's Kiss Of Death move: Since Kenshi is blind, Sonya's Kiss Of Death move has no affect on him.

Acid Bath stage: Damage opponent: Get your opponent near the two giant statues in the background. The statues will spit acid out, hurting your opponent. Note: Do not get too close, or you will also get hurt.

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