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Nintendo Gamecube - NBA Street Cheats

To achieve the following results enter the cheats below: 

Unlock All Secret Characters: To unlock Biggs, Bonafide, Drake, DJ, Takashi, and Stretch you must first beat them in City Circuit. You must first beat all the teams in the region, and them you will face the players in their respective order in a game. Just beat them and then you can use them during City Circuit or Hold the Court.

Unlock EA Big Pacific Boulevard Court: Complete all the training sessions in the Street School mode to unlock the EA Big ''Pacific Boulevard'' court.

Unlock team 3LW: Win 20 games to unlock team 3LW

Unlock Team EA Big: Win 10 Games to unlock team EA Big

Unlock Team Street Legends: Beat the City Circuit Mode to Unlock team Street Legends. This team has all the street legends won from the street challenges.

NBA Street Codes:

No Cheats: basketball, shoe, basketball, shoe
Casual Uniforms: basketball, shoe, megaphone, megaphone
Authentic Unforms: basketball,shoe, turntable, turntable
Player Names: turntable, turntable, basketball, turntable
No Auto Replays: turntable, turntable, turntable, turntable
No HUD Display: turntable, turntable, shoe, turntable
No Player Indicators: turntable, turntable, backboard, turntable
Summertime Joe ''The Show'': turntable,turntable,megaphone, thurntable
Springtime Joe ''The Show'': turntable, turntable, turntable, basketball
Athletic Joe ''The Show'': turntable, turntable, turntable, shoe
No Shot Indicator: turntable, turntable, turntable, backboard
Explosive Rims: turntable, turntable, turntable, megaphone
ABA Ball: basketball, basketball, turntable, shoe
WNBA Ball: basketball, basketball, shoe, backboard
NuFX Ball: basketball, basketball, back board, megaphone
EA BIG Ball: basketball, basketball, megaphone, turntable
Beach Ball: basketball, basketball, turntable, turntable
Medicine Ball: basketball, basketball, shoe, shoe
Vollyball: basketball, basketball, backboard, backboard
Soccer Ball: basketball, basketball, megaphone, megaphone
Tiny Players: shoe, shoe, shoe, turntable
Big Heads: shoe, shoe, shoe, backboard
Tiny Heads: shoe, shoe, shoe, megaphone
ABA Socks: shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe
No Shot Clock: shoe, shoe, shoe, basketball
Less Gamebreakers: shoe, turntable, turntable, basketball
More Gamebreakers: shoe, backboard, backboard, basketball
No Gamebreakers: shoe, megaphone, megaphone, basketball
No Juice: turntable, backboard, backboard, basketball
Unlimited Turbo: turntable, shoe, shoe, basketball
Easy Distance Shots: basketball, backboard, backboard, basketball
Harder Distance shots: basketball, turntable, turntable, basketball
Mega Dunking: basketball, megaphone, megaphone, basketball
Ultimate Power: turntable, shoe, backboard, basketball
Mad Hands: shoe, backboard, turntable, basketball
Super Swats: backboard, turntable, shoe, basketball
Sicky Fingers: backboard, shoe, turntable, basketball
Captain Quicks: shoe, turntable, backboard, basketball
No Dunks: turntable, backboard, shoe, basketball
Less Blocks: basketball, turntable, shoe, basketball
Less Steals: basketball, shoe, backboard. basketball
No Alley-Oops: basketball, backboard, turntable, basketball
No 2-Pointers: basketball, turntable, backboard, basketball

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