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Nintendo Gamecube - NHL Hitz 2002 Cheats

Cheat Codes: Enter these codes on the versus screen. The numbers tell how many times press the X, Y and B buttons. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press X 5 times. Press Y 2 times. Press B 5 times

Result Code:

Infinite turbo: 4-1-3 Right
Turbo boost: 0-0-2 Up
Big hits: 2-3-4 Down
Late hits: 3-2-1 Down
Hitz time: 1-0-4 Right
No crowd: 2-1-0 Right
Pinball boards: 4-2-3 Right
Show shot speed: 1-0-1 Up
Show the team's hot spot: 2-0-1 Up
No fake shots: 4-2-4 Down
No puck out: 1-1-1 Down
No one-times: 2-1-3 Left
Big puck: 1-2-1 Up
Huge puck: 3-2-1 Up
Bulldozer puck: 2-1-2 Left
Tennis ball: 1-3-2 Down
Big head player: 2-0-0 Right
Huge head player: 3-0-0 Right
Big head team: 2-2-0 Left
Huge head team: 3-3-0 Left
Snow mode: 1-2-1 Left
Rain mode: 1-4-1 Left
Domino effect: 0-1-2 Right
Win fights for goals: 2-0-2 Left
Skills versus: 2-2-2 Down
First to 7 wins: 3-2-3 Left
More time to enter codes: 3-3-3 Right
Disable previous code: 0-1-0 Down

Easy Credits: To get easy credits, start a game on All-Star difficulty. During the middle of the game, switch it back to rookie, and the opposing team will be on rookie difficulty, but you will still get credits for playing on All-star difficulty.

Discovering codes: While playing the game, when you get a goal you will see short FMV sequence afterwards. In one clip, you can see the player go over to the side of the rink and see the crowd. At the top you will see some people holding and flipping signs. Look at them closely and you will notice that they form codes, such as "N N N Down." Press X, Y, and B followed by the D-pad direction at the vs. screen to activate the code.

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