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Nintendo Gamecube - Resident Evil Cheats

To achieve these results follow the cheats below:  

Rocket Launcher: To get the Rocket Launcher, beat the game in under 3 hours on Normal or Hard mode.

Invisible Enemy Mode: To unlock this mode beat Real Survival mode once.

Message from director and unused costumes: Beat Invisible Mode in 5:00:00 to open up a message from the director and a slide show of unused costume designs. New costume for Jill,Difficulty Select and New Title Screen Complete the game with Jill once and save the game.

A few things will change. 1-The main menu will have a different background. 2-If you select the option'Once Again(with your save data loaded)'you will be given a choice of difficulties to begin the next game with-Easy,Normal and Hard 3-You will receive a key that enables you a costume change(in this case Jill's costume)

Samurail Sword: Beat the game in under 5 hours and you will get a very powerful weapon called the samurai sword

Unlimited Grenade Rounds:

1. Equip the Grenade Launcher with any rounds and take Flame Rounds from the Item Box.
2. Open Item Box again. Put the Flame Rounds into the Item Box. Move the cursor to Flame Rounds(still in the item Box menu), and then press A button. The cursor will be moved to the Grenade Launcher slot.
3. Press A button again, you will see that you have 456 Flame Rounds.
4. Repeat the process to get other type of Grenade Rounds or as many as you like.

Unlock the .40 S&W,Jill's RE3 outfit and Real Survivor Mode:

1.To get Jill's RE3 outfit,complete Once Again(select new game with clear game data) with Jill on the normal difficulty under 5 hrs.
2.To get Real Survivor mode,complete the game again on Normal with any character under 5 hrs.
3.To get the .40 S&W handgun(infinite ammo),complete Once Again on Normal under 5 hrs.The gun will replace Chris' knife and Jill's knife when a new game is started.

Checking Zombies: If you are not sure if a zombie is dead, walk up fairly close to it (but not so close that they start chewing your ankles) and simply back up. If the Zombie is alive, the character will do a wary backup move instead of the standard backup done when there is nothing there.

Make sure a zombie is dead: To make sure that a zombie has died when it falls down after shooting it, look down. If you see a pool of blood flowing, it is dead. If there is no pool of blood, the zombie is still alive.

Make zombies dance: Shoot down at a zombie's feet three times with the pistol, then aim all the way up and shoot once. If done correctly, it will appear as if the zombie is dancing.

Unlimited grenade ammunition: (Japanese version): Equip the Grenade Launcher with any type of ammunition, then take Flame Rounds from an Item Box. Open the Item Box again and put the Flame Rounds back into it. On the Item Box Inventory screen, highlight the slot with the Flame Rounds and press A. The pointer will jump to the Grenade Launcher slot. Press A to get 456 Flame Rounds.

Note: This can also be done with other types of grenade ammunition.

Ending bonuses: Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris and save the game. A new background will appear on the main menu. Select the "Once Again" option when playing your completed saved game. You may now choose new difficulty settings for the replay. You will also get a key that will allow the character that completed the game to have a new costume. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion.

Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?" will appear. Select "Yes" to change your character's clothes. Complete the game again under a different difficulty setting to unlock a second costume. Jill's bonus costumes are a commando uniform and her costume from Resident Evil 3.

Chris' bonus costumes are casual clothes and his costume from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris with a time less than five hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Samurai Edge gun. Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris with a time less than three hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammunition. Successfully complete the game in once again mode under the normal difficulty setting with a time less than five hours.

This unlocks the "Real Survivor" option (item boxes do not transfer items to each other), the .40 Smith And Wesson gun with unlimited ammunition (replaces the combat knife in a new game), and bonus costumes. Additionally, the aiming system will be manual. Successfully complete the game two times as Jill or Chris to unlock the "Invisible Enemy" option. All enemies will be transparent in this mode. Successfully complete the game as both Jill and Chris one time to unlock the "One Dangerous Zombie" option.

When this option is enabled, a special zombie will keep following you around during the first part of the game. Shooting this zombie will end the game, so you must avoid it during game play. Successfully complete the game in invisible enemy mode with a time less than five hours to unlock a "Special Features" option that displays a message from the game developers and a gallery of pre-production costumes.

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