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Nintendo Gamecube - Star Fox Adventures Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following cheats: 

Cheat mode: In the shop and several other places around Dinosaur Plant are wells that ask you to feed them Scarabs. Feed them twenty Scarabs and you will get a Cheat Token. Go to the Warp Stone Guardian (the large stone guardian) and enter the maze.

It will take some wandering before you find a well inside. Open your inventory, highlight a Cheat Token, then press A. This will unlock a cheat or give you a hint. To activate the cheats, save the game, return to the main menu, and select "Options".

Avoid Damage from Falls: Press X as you're about to hit the ground. You should roll and not take damage.

All maps cheaper: Go to the store and purchase each map. He will tell you how much they are, but sometimes you can lower the price and get them for less along with the rest of the items he sells.

Free Bomb Spores: Find a full grown Bomb Spore shoot it with the staff's fire power-up to get three Bomb Spore Seeds.

Small Scarab Bag: After you rescue Tricky, go to where the SnowHorn is located. Look around until Tricky can dig. After he digs, you will get the SnowHorn's food. Feed the hungry SnowHorn and he will give you the Small Scarab Bag, which holds 50 Scarabs.

Cape Claw: Avoid paying the Sharpclaw guard: Instead of paying the guard 25 scarabs, go around to the back of the walkway. In the water, there is a rock with a rocket pad on it. You can use it to get up on to the wooden walkway where the Hightop is located. When you leave, the guard will let you through and you will not have to pay.

Icy Mountain: Cheat Token: Go all the way to the left at the beginning. You will see a crack. Use a bomb spore to blow it up. Pay 20 Scarabs for the Cheat Ttoken inside. It will unlock a sound test mode.

Ice Mountain: Race: If you are having trouble winning in the race, you can do one of two things. Either try to knock them off their bikes or jump any hill you can that helps take the lead.

Krazoa Shrine 3: Fear Test: Do not take your eyes off the meter for any reason. Since you cannot pause during that test, it is important you watch the bar the entire time. Sometimes it helps to press Control-stick Left and Control-stick Right back and forth. However, do not count on this to save you, as the bar will suddenly jerk to one side.

Lightfoot Village: Snake Totem: To open the way to the next Krazoa spirit in the Lightfoot Village, climb up on the boxes and hit the switch. Then, use your flame shot to stop the snake totem pieces when the pictures on each section line up, one by one.

Lightfoot Village: Cheat Token: Go to one of the houses. A Lightfoot will ask you to find his three children who like to play in the woods. Go to where you can get in the wooded area around the whole village (by the tribe leader's shrine and climb up. There will be blue shining things in the air.

You must chase the kids into it. Once they are all back, talk to the father and he will reveal a rocket boost pad. Use the rocket boost pad and head forward until you get into the half of the forest that was blocked by a log. Explore there and you will find a Cheat Token Well.

Moon Mountain Pass: Cheat Token: Plant a Moonseed at the indicated location before Krazoa Shrine 2 to get to a well. Get the Cheat Token for unlocking the Dinosaur Language setting.

Moon Mountain Pass: Staff ground quake upgrade: There will be a rock that you can flip. The upgrade is under the rock.

Red Eye King's Lair: Staff super ground quake upgrade: Proceed until you see a Bomb Spore planting location. Plant a Bomb Spore there, then blow it up.

Thorntail Hollow: Easy Scarabs: Go into the Thorntail store and head down to the game. Do not go into the game room. Instead, turn around and go through the wall opposite the entrance to the game room. There will be a rock that you can lift for Scarabs. In the Thorntail store, go to where you normally play the Scarb grabbing mini-game. Go out of that room and you will see a wall with all sorts of designs.

Run directly into the wall. There are a lot of surprises where the floating sales was, including find a rock you can lift with a lot of effortfor 30 Scarabs. Look under the rocks by the sea with the staff. There will be two red Scarabs, each worth five. Leave, then repeat for more Scarabs. The small rocks on the land have three green Scarabs, each worth one. Go to the store and play the Scarab game. Gamble one to three Scarabs. Find them within the time limit to double your Scarabs.

Thorntail Hollow: Re-lighting the torches: To re-light the torches, find the tree in the Hollow that has branches on fire. Strike the tree to cause these flames to drop. Then, strike them with your staff to douse the flames. Collect three of these and put one in each of the three torches scattered through the hollow. Then, have Tricky use his Flame on them to light the torches. Once all three are lit, you will receive the key to Moon Mountain Pass

Thorntail Hollow: Cheat Token: Find the Cheat Token in the lobby of the store. Get it to unlock the staff credits.

Thorntail Hollow: Staff energy upgrade: There is a staff energy upgrade located near the entrance to the SnowHorn Wastes. You must use a Bomb Spore to reach it.

Thorntail Hollow: Staff rocket boost upgrade: Look for a rocket boost pad to the left of the store entrance. Go up it and plant a Bomb Spore. Blow it up, then go inside of it. Shoot the targets to get it.

Thorntail Hollow: Staff fire blast upgrade: The staff fire blast upgrade can be found in a cave in Thorntail Hollow.

Volcano Force Temple: Cheat Token: After you place the Spell Stone obtained from the first Boss, leave the temple. When you are leaving, you wukk hear a voice of a person who needs help. A Krazoa Spirit appears and tells you that you have to help her by defeating the monster that appears. The Krazoa Spirit opens a large round door. Go through it and get the Earthquake upgrade for the Staff.

You must now defeat the monster. First, use the Earthquake attack and the monster will spin in a circle once or twice. While he is spinning, attack the purple scar on his back. Repeat this one more time, then take the Moon Seed from him. Return to the temple. When you get to the point where you had to put the Force Stone on the floor, the gate slides to the side, giving you a way to the temple.

Defeat the armored Sharp Claw then walk to the left ledge. You will climb down a wall. Next, go all the way over to the patch of dirt. Plant the Moon Seed and get Tricky to use his Fire command. The plant will grow, leading you to a well. Give it 20 Scarabs and it will give you a Cheat Token.

Volcano Force Temple: Staff ice blast upgrade: The staff ice blast upgrade is in the Volcano Force Point Temple. You will find a room with a huge torch. Hit the lever and you will have a certain amount of time to light the torch spots.

Walled City: Second tooth: Find all the Earth Walker soldiers. Beside them will be trees. Look in the trees to find switches to hit with the flame shooter. Hit all of them and a ring will appear in the stream. Go through the ring to start a challenge race. Complete it to get the second tooth.

Find the Queen Earth Walker: Get the staff and the fireball upgrade (in a cave in Thorntail Hollow). Go to a place with a stone fence-type thing. There will be a red target up above the door inside the fence. Shoot it, defeat the Sharp Claw, then go through the door.

Introduction sequence: Allow the game to idle at the title screen until the introduction sequence begins. During the sequence, note that Fox has only 3 life points the entire time and has only a small staff magic meter. No matter what area he is in the game, he still has the minimum of life points and magic points. It is impossible to do this during the actual game.

Krystal's Staff in ending sequence: At the end of the game when you are back on the main ship, the intermission sequence shows Fox with Krystal's Staff on his back, even though he left it with Krystal back on Dinosaur Planet.

Floating Grubtub: Freeze a Grubtub while it is in the air. It will not fall, but will instead float.

Tricky transforms: Allow the game to idle for awhile, then start playing again. Tricky will laugh, then sometimes turn into his original polygon form.

Fall through level: In Cloud Runner Fortress, after the part where you have to save the Queen Cloudrunner's babies, go to the cage where the Queen is located. Zoom up with your high definition display device, then allow the game to idle. When you resume the game and are about to approach the cage, you will fall through the entire fortress and get stuck in the clouds.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the following features: Unlock Audio (Sound): Test Give Two Cheat Tokens to the well in the Warp Stone Maze.

Unlock Credits: Give One Cheat Token to the Well in the Warp Stone Maze.

Unlock Dinosaur Language: Give Three Cheat Tokens to the Well in the Warp Stone Maze.

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