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PlayStation / PSOne - TOCA: Touring Car Championship Cheats

Enter the following as passwords:

all tracks - JHAMMO
unlock all cars - GONGOGO
two extra cars - CMGARAGE
lets you drive a tank - TANK
micro-machines view - CMMICRO
collision effects off - CMNOHITS
drive with mad drivers - CMMAYHEM
drive at double speed - XBOOSTME
helicopter view - CMCOPTER
film camera view - CMFOLLOW
drive go-karts - CMCHUN
drive in coloured fog - CMDISCO
cartoon graphics - CMTOON
drive at night - CMSTARS
drive with big hands - CMHANDY
lock up extra tracks - CMLOCK
drive during low gravity - CMLOGRAV
drive in upwards rain - CMRAINUP
upside down screen - CMUPSIDE
showdown race - PATSCREEM
better traction - FLEX
much harder gameplay - CMIMPOSS
drive as it rains cats and dogs - CMCATDOG

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