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Nintendo Gamecube - True Crime: Streets of LA Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Pause Menu Button Codes: Enter these while on the pause menu:

All Driving Skills Unlockes: Left, Right, Left, Right, A
All Fighitng Skills Unlocked: Up, Down, Up, Down, A
All Gunplay Skills Unlocked: Right, Left, Right, Left, A
Bigger Car (must be in car before you enter it on the pause menu): Down, Down, Down, A
Shows Nick Kang's Current Location: A, X, B, Y

Special FMV Extra: Beat the game with all of the three endings.

Change Nick Kang Into: Create a license plate with any one of the names listed below to turn into a different character. Before confirming the name make sure that OK is lighted then hold L + R then confirm your plate name.

Become a biker: HAWG
Become a blindfolded, sado-machoism donkey smoking a cigarette: JASS
Become a butcher that is asian: PHAM
Become a commando: M1K3
Become a famous boxer: BRUZ
Become a female punk: B00B
Become a female with a tatoo on every part of her body: TATS
Become a gangster: MRFU
Become a gangster: TFAN
Become a male punk: MNKY
Become a nasty corpse: J1MM
Become a pimp: P1MP
Become a police officer with a higher rank: FATT
Become a S.W.A.T. team member: 5WAT
Become a street bum: B00Z
Become a working female asian: HARA
Become Johnson the police officer: FUZZ
Become your female boss: B1G1
Become your partner: ROSA
Become your partner but in lingerie this time: HURT_M3

Special FMV Extra: Beat the game with all of the three endings

How to find Bones: To Unlock Snoop, collect the 30 bones scattered throughout the city. Once unlocked, you have an hour to solve as many random crimes as you can for points. Depending upon your score, you get a different title, such as "Lap Dogg" or "Top Dogg."

For those of you that have not found your first Snoop Dogg dog bone, here is a hint: In downtown across from City Hall (Spring St/Broadway), drive straight from the steps at City Hall and when you get past the bushes you will find the first bone. Once you have found the first bone all of the others will appear on the city map. But .... I bet you didn't know that the bones rotate and point at the next closest bone.

Codes to inlock Snoop: From the city map screen press R trigger, Dpad Up, Dpad Right, Dpad Left, Dpad Down, push Z, then push Z again, then press A then Y, then X, then Y. When you hear the chime, you have successfully imputed the cheat. Now make sure you go to a location and save the game before you exit to the main menu or the cheat will not work.

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