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Nintendo Gamecube - WWE Wrestlemania XVIII Cheats

To achieve the following results enter the code below: 

Easy match with weapons: In a match that you are allowed to use weapons, get good, tall weapons (chair, trash can, stick, etc.) and hit your opponent on the ground.

Continue to do so until they are in the dark blue. Then, drop the weapon and use your moves and get your special, or at least close to it. Then, do your submission (special or not) and they should quit if you have problems making them submit.

Unlock all cheats: Go to the main menu and press the following buttons in order: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, START, START.

Unlocking the Hidden Arenas: Original Smackdown! Arena - Win the Undisputed Championship with The Rock Wrestlemania X7 Arena - In exhibition, use all arenas atleast once. Royal Rumble 2001, Win the Royal Rumble with any superstar.

Unlocking the Hidden Wrestlers:

Chris Benoit: Win the WWE Undisputed Championship.
Vince McMahon: Win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
Ric Flair: Win the WWE European Championship
Rhyno: Win the WWE Hardcore Championship
Raven: Win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship
Stacy Keibler: Win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Rhyno: Gore: Get a special with Rhyno, press Y to run at your victim, then press A + B.

Gore through table: This is a good looking move, but will not win a table match. Play as Rhyno and get your special up. Press X to place the table in the corner then Irish Whip your opponent into the table. Run towards your opponent and press A + B. He will gore them through the table.

More creation points: You can earn more create a wrestler points by winning matches (and defending your title) in Path Of A Champion mode.

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