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PlayStation / PSOne - Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror Cheats

Getting out of the Burning Room / In the Hallway / At the Cafe / In the Gallery / At the Docks / In the Docks
Upstairs in the Warehouse / In Quaramonte / In the Jungle / At the Beach / Inside the British Museum
Inside Ketch's Museum / Getting onto Zombie Island / Wandering around Zombie Island / At the Boat
Movie Set / Indian Village / In the Pyramid

Getting out of the Burning Room

If you haven't read the back of the Broken Sword booklet on how to escape the burning room then this is how you do it.

Look at the bookcase, you notice that the right side is propped up on a block of wood. If you knock this out then the bookcase will fall over and kill the spider. It will also reveal a sharp hook in the wall which you can use to cut the ropes holding you to the chair.

After you have freed yourself go over to the window and investigate Nico's handbag, you will pull out a lipstick, a letter and some underwear. Next open the bureau and drink the tequila, pick up the worm that you spat out onto the carpet and then open the drawer in the bureau. You will find a small pot, open it and you will find a key inside. Next collect the dart on the corner of the carpet.

Use the dart to open the cupboard by the door, look into the cupboard and you will find a gas cylinder, use Nico's underwear to pick it up and then put it into the water spray and squirt it at the flames. It will extinguish them.

In the Hallway

Once out of the burning room you must use the telephone and call Nico's boyfriend (you can only do this once you have read the letter from Nico's handbag and discovered his telephone number). You should then arrange to meet at the cafe. Pick up the newspaper clipping about an eclipse which is next to the phone. Use the key to open the front door and you will be able to go outside to the cafe.

At the Cafe

Speak to the garcon and order your coffee. Speak to the policeman until Nico's boyfriend comes. He will show you a black stone and tell you to visit the gallery. Speak to the policeman again until he says 'leave me alone' and puts his head in his hands you can then take the bottle that is on the table besides him.

In the Gallery

Visit the gallery and speak to the girls, they just giggle so leave them be. Then speak to the fat man, if you show him your pot he will break it. When you have exhausted all conversation go and speak to the gallery owner. Look in the back of the storeroom and you will be told that you cannot go there. You need a diversion so slip the contents of the bottle into the fat man's drink. He will like it so give him some more. After he has collapsed you can slip into the backroom and look at the crates. You will pick a label off. To understand its full meaning you must look at the newspaper article you found in Oubier's house. Inside this article you will find another piece of paper explaining Oubier's finances. You can then head for the docks.

At the Docks

Look in the window and you can watch the watchman open the trapdoor. Speak to him through the window until you have exhausted all conversation. Then go down the stairs to the left of the hut. In the water at the bottom of the stairs you should pick up the boat hook, you can then use it to hook the watchman's beer bottle out of the water. Go back up the stairs and use the bottle twice on the chimney, the first time will cool the chimney so that you can take the cone and then the second time to block up the chimey and force the watchman outside. Now go back down the stairs and into the hut, here you can collect the dog biscuits and a piece of coal. Go back outside and use the hook to make sure the platform is up. Throw the dog biscuit onto the platform. Twenty will go onto the platform and you should now use the hook to drop the platform down. This will make the dog fall into the water. You can now go back up the stairs and climb over the fence into the dock.

In the Docks

Once in the docks look at the posters and wander along to the end, climb up the ladder and open the first window. Put the boat hook into the fan on your left. Now go back downstairs and knock on the first door to your right. A man will answer the door, speak to him about pizza (three times) after the third time quickly run upstairs and use the loading machine to move a barrel, the man will move across the screen, move another barrel. This will knock the man into the water and you will be free to climb back downstairs and go through the door. Look at the chart on the wall, look at the filing cabinet and in the desk drawers. Speak to the guy behind the crate and then show him the key, this will free him from his manacles and he will run away. You can now go past him. Press the button to the left of the elevator and then get in.

Upstairs in the Warehouse

Once upstairs move the crate infront of you to cover the detector in the elevator. Then press the button to the right of the elevator to switch the lights on. Look around. Further along the wall to the left there is a large wooden wall. On this wall there is a secret door, to find this you will need to look on the floor for the scratch marks. Once you've found them you will be able to open the door and rescue Nico. Talk to Nico, untie her and pick up the statue on the floor. Then go back into the main part of the warehouse and use the tape that you got from Nico to cover the sensor in the lift. Now push the box back into the middle of the room and move the box with the "live" contents on top of it. Then push the box that was underneath it over to the wall. Now move the lever holding the cart below the statue. This will lift the statue up and you can then attach the rope first to the statue and then onto the pulley. Now use the lever to leave the statue hanging and ask Nico to help you to push the statue. It will break the door open and once outside you can then use the manacles on the rope hanging across the dock to get away.

In Quaramonte

Once off the boat talk to the guard, then talk to the people in the market place and then talk to the band. Go over to the Tourist Information Office/Police Station and speak to Pearl, then go to the right of the building and speak to Duane in the truck. Then speak to the man with no legs. Go into the police station and speak to the General. Go back outside and speak to the band again, this time about the General. Go back to where Duane is and speak to Oubier. Climb the stairs of the Mining Company building and speak to Conchita. Talk to her secretary (the one with no trousers) and the other people if you feel like it. Go back and speak to Duane again and lie about the detonator. Go to the Mining Company and speak to Conchita again. Go outside and speak to Nico and then go and speak to the General, Nico will distract him and you can then look at the chart. Speak to Renaldo and then go and speak to Pearl and get rid of Renaldo. Look at the chart again and then go to the back where the jail is. Talk to Miguel and then go back to the Mining Company and speak to Conchita and then open the cupboard behind her and get the detonator. Take the detonator and give it to Duane, now go back to the jail and speak to Miguel.

In the General's room you should look at the tiger skin, the swordfish, the TV, the lava lamp and then speak to the General until his mother comes in.

Now you've been caught you'll need to ask Miguel for the rope and use this by tying it to the window of your cell and then giving it to Duane who will free you.

In the Jungle

Collect the rope and then cross the bridge over to the hut. You will need to attract their attention, so put the piece of newspaper on the pile of leaves under the hut and then use the statue on the water mill besides it, this will create sparks and set the paper on fire. The man will appear he will tell you that Nico is ill upstairs, he will tell you that you need to go to the village but he won't take you unless you press his collar. To do this you must use the two big stones to the left of the hut. Attach the rope around them and then put the collar in the middle, then you must use the cross in the ground to turn the stones and press the collar. He will then take you to the village. Once at the village you will need to give a gift in order to see the wise man, give them the stone and you will be allowed in to see the wise man. The wise man will then send you on a quest to find the other two stones.

At the Beach

Speak to the Bronson and then wander along the beach and speak to Rio, then go up the side of the hill to the museum, speak to the Aunts about everything and then after you've told them about seeing Emily wander back down to the beach and speak to Rio. He will catch a fish in exchange for the worm. You'll have to ask him a few times and also pick up the inner tube from the bicycle he will catch. The go back up the hill and lift up the ladder. Then climb up it and attach the inner tube to the closest flag pole, attach the fish to the inner tube and while the cat is busy get back down and pick up its' ball. The go over to the left of the house where there is a v shaped tree attach the inner tube to the tree and then use this to shoot the ball at the second flag pole in order to knock of the surveyors marker. He will then rush up the hill and try to put it back on. Now take away the ladder while he is sitting on the flagpole he will be left hanging on the flag pole and drop the marker on the floor. Pick up the marker and then go back downstairs. Pick up the Bronson's Theodolite and his plans and take them back up the hill to the aunts. They will then unlock the museum for you to go into.

Inside the British Museum

You are now playing as Nico. Open her purse and look inside to find a hairclip. Wander around the museums collection looking at all the artifacts. You will find the Jaguar stone in the right hand corner cabinet. Go over and speak to the attendant. Whilst you are in the middle of the conversation you will run into Professor Oubier. He will disappear quite quickly and it will soon be discovered that the stone is missing. You will need to look in the cabinet and collect the key from the lock. Then go over to the cabinet containing the dagger and use the key to open this. Pick up the key and then go and show it to the attendant. He will go over and use the telephone and you can escape by pulling back the orange curtain and using the dagger to open the door.

Inside Ketch's Museum

Go over and look at the map, pick it up and put it on the desk, it will fit. Now go over to the glass cabinet by the door and read the book, then pick up the lantern above it, this will fit into the hole in the desk. Pick up the feather on the desk and take it outside. Give it to the cat and then pick up the remnants. Take this down to the beach and speak to Rio, he will give you a conch in exchange for the feather. Go back up to the museum and open the chest, Emily Ketch will appear. Speak to her and then go and look at the portrait of Captain Ketch, go back and speak to Emily Ketch about the cross she is wearing and then exchange it with her for the conch. Put the cross in the other hole in the desk. Now go back down to the beach and speak to Rio, he will agree to take you to Zombie Island.

Getting onto Zombie's Island

You will need to look around the beach and speak to Rio, if you look at the rock hanging out over the beach and then speak to Rio he will lend you his net. Throw this over the over hanging rock and then climb up onto Zombie Island.

Beneath the British Museum

Check out the cupboard at the right end of the platform, use the dagger to force it open and then go to the left end of the platform and look at the blue/purple vending machine, use your hair clip in the money slot and then pick up the coin in the return box. Go over to the weighing machine and put the coin in the slot a card will come out of the machine, pick up the card and use it to open the cupboard. Press the button in the box and the signal light will go red. A train will pull up and you can get on.

Wandering around Zombie Island

Once at the top of the cliff you'll find a number of entrances into the forest, some are quite tricky to find. You'll need to take the opening that leads into the swampy area where you can pick up the reed. Now go back from where you came and go through to where there is a creature that looks a bit like a hog blocking your way. Use the reed on the pipe and then shoot this at the creature. He will run away. Now head down the path the creature was blocking and collect the vine, fix it to the net and the target and then throw this on top of the stone. Use the vine to pull it just right. Now you've got to get out of here. This is tricky, you'll need to go back to the swamp and then go to the lair. Exit here in the right direction and you should find yourself in a forest area with flowers around you. Choose the exit that takes you back to the swamp, except now you'll be on the right side of the swamp. Now if you take the exit at the top of the screen you should return to the lair but this time you will be at the top of the screen. Now choose the exit on your right that is in the middle. This will take you back to the flower site where you should walk straight across the screen to find yourself in a new area. You should examine the initials on the rock and you should have realised that you must stand your theodolite in the holes on the mountain. You'll need to look through the theodolite until you find the marker at the bottom of one of the screens. You'll need to examine the marker and the pillar it's sitting on. Now leave the mountain through the right hand exit.

At the Boat

It's a good idea to save your game after doing each bit of this because if you don't move fast enough you are likely to be killed. When the guard has gone round to the side of the boat that you can't see you should move across to the left and hide behind the next crate. Then when the guard goes round the boat again you should climb on board and up the ladder to the roof of the boat. As soon as the guard is past the ladder you should climb back down and open the door to your left and then climb back up again. When the guard sees the door open he will go inside to investigate, when he does you should quickly get down the ladder and close the door. There's no lock so you'll have to use the mop on the left hand side of the door to secure it closed.

Now peer through the port hole into the cabin, here you will see Oubier and Carzak arguing, Carzak will shoot Oubier and leave. Once he's gone quickly nip inside and pick up the stone, Carzak will come back and try to strangle you, you'll need to stab him with the dagger you picked up in the British Museum so that you can escape.

Movie Set

Speak to everyone around the set and then from the table take a bun, a pancake and the syrup, put some syrup on the pancake and then examine the bush on the left, it's full of hornets. Talk to Hawks again and shooting should begin. After speak to Bert and offer him the pancake. He will take it and eat it. Throw your bun at the hornet infested bush and then pick up another bun and throw that too, the hornets should get really angry and go after Bert, but if not keep throwing buns until they do. Bert will do the stunt and the shooting will move down to the beach.

At the beach you should speak to everyone and then try and get into the tent, Hawks won't let you. Examine the handheld camera on the sand and then speak to the cameraman and Hawks. You'll get the job as stuntman and can climb up the rock and get the missing stone.

Indian Village

Speak to Titipoco, he has one of the stones that George gave him, the other is by the barrel but it is too hot to pick up. You'll need to push the barrel of water over but you can't do this alone so ask Titipoco to help you. Now pick up the stone and go to the Pyramid.

In the Pyramid


You can't get to the top of the pyramid up the stairs, because there are guards blocking the way, speak to the Capitan and tell him you want to see the General, that way he won't bother you. Go to the side of the pyramid where the lift is and pick up the rope. Give this to Titipoco, he'll hang the rope up on the lift and you'll need to put the end in the engine when he gets down. Cut the fuel line of the generator with your dagger, put the cylinder near to the fuel line and collect some fuel. Now put the cylinder in the fuel holder of the engine. There is a button on the engine, push this and then pull the lever. The elevator will come down and you should get in it. Speak to Titipoco and get him to operate the lift for you. At the top of the pyramid you should pick up the ammunition belt lying on the crates and then go back downstairs. Pick up the torch and get Titipoco to light it, throw this into the fuel followed by the ammunition belt. It's just the diversion you need. Get in the lift and go back up to the top of the pyramid. Speak to the General, he will discard his gun and you can untie George with your dagger. You'll need to push both levers at once to enter the pyramid so ask George to push the other one.

Inside Playing Nico

This is a bit of a slow process for Nico but basically you have to create the four panels at the very right hand of the screen (See figure 3), by moving the rotating disks (See figure 1) to match up two sections in order to make one of the ten panels (See figure 2). You need two of these tiles to make up each of the four tiles you need to press in (See figure 3).

The tiles you need to push in are:

Figure 2 Figure 3
2 + 5 = A
3 + 10 = B
1 + 8 = C
6 + 9 = D

For each tile (Figure 2) match up the symbols pictured on the wheels (Figure 1). When you have matched two symbols together go to the wall of plaques and push in the one you have made. Then go back to the wheels and match up the tile that makes up the second part of the tile in Figure 3. Once you've pushed in all four tiles a door will open and you can go down the steps.

Inside Playing George

Now you're playing George, you'll need to collect the torch from the wall and get Titipoco to light it for you. Now go and look at the wall to the left of where Titipoco is sitting. You will see a lever, pull it and you will find yourself alone.

In the middle of the wall facing you is a lever, pull the lever and the door on that wall will close. Go through the door to your left and then pull the right lever. Go out of this room and you'll be in a corridoor, pull the right lever and go through the door that opens. You'll be in the room you started in. Pick up the torch on the floor and light the one on the wall. Pick up the newly lit torch and go down the stairs. Pull a lever when you appear to have reached the bottom and a new set of stairs will appear going further down. Go down these and watch the end sequence.

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