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Sega Dreamcast - Aerowings 2: Airstrike Cheats

To achieve the results below enter the following code: 

Cheat mode: Go to the select options screen (free flight, training, challenges, personal data, etc.) highlight "free flight", hold L and press X and Y simultaneously. You will here and audio sound if the code was entered correctly.

Bonus stages: Complete all fighter missions and tactical challenges to get free flight in missions 20 and 21. Get a F-15

Agressor one: Get all planes that you can recieve from missions and tactical challenges, and they reward you with the F-15.

Agressor one F-18 aggressor: You must have 10 or more carrier landings in one of the two carrier free flight missions. Don't forget to choose a carrier base aircraft and no enemy's.

Recieve F-15 Aggressor two: In free flight mode choose mission 21 and assign two enemies to battle you. Defeat them with the F-15 aggressor one and you got yourself the F-15 aggressor two Recieve a T-3 super recipro: Score over 100 kills and you get the T-3 super recipro fighter.

Unlock All Planes and Missions: Hold L and press X + Y at the same time. If done correctly, you will hear a sound.

Special Options: Start a new game from the title screen and then enter "TASCAS" as your name. A new place entitled "Special" will appear in the "Game Config" menu under the "Options" menu. From the Options menu, you can choose from three different options: Player Assist, HUD, and Cockpit. You'll be able to toggle any of them on or off at any time.

Unlock Aircraft T-4: Complete the mission Fighter Pilot 5 and you will unlock Aircraft T- 4. Unlock Everything At the title screen, press L and R at the same time. If you did it right, a voice will say "Ok good." From here, begin a new game and you'll now have access to every single one of the stages and all of the aircraft. You'll also have a perfect score of 100 on each

Blue Impulse Mission Bonus aircrafts: Beat the indicated mission to unlock the bonus aircraft, Mission/Aircraft

Fighter Pilot 5: T-4
Fighter Pilot 13: T-2
Fighter Pilot 20: Silver F-4EJ
Fighter Pilot 26: F-15DJ
Fighter Pilot 30: F-15J
Tactical Challenge 5: F-104J
Tactical Challenge 6: F-4J
Tactical Challenge 7: F-1
Tactical Challenge 8: Gray F-4EJ

GameShark: Effect/Code

Enable All Levels/Planes: 4B4B4B25E06DF041/E070704100000000
T-2 Jet Trainer: 80138B4E00000001
T-4 Jet Trainer: 7235D54C00000001
F-1 Support Fighter: 466A198700000001
F-2A Support Fighter: 46DA198700000001
F-2B Support Fighter: F98990C800000001
F-4J Navy Fighter: F9F990C800000001
F-4EJ Fighter: D7A8859100000001
F-4EJ+ Fighter: 90180CB900000001
F-15J Fighter: 7745D54C00000001
F-15DJ Fighter: 417A198700000001
F-104J Fighter: 2F67650B00000001
F-14A Navy Fighter: ECE71EDA00000001
F-15A Fighter: EC971EDA00000001
F/A-18C Navy Fighter: AD8357DF00000001
F-15DJ Aggressor: 3DE1220A00000001
F-16 Aggressor: E3F71ED900000001
F-14A Testbed: B0C63CC000000001
F-15DJ Aggressor 2: B0B63CC000000001
F/A-18C Aggressor 9: EA80CBA00000001
T-3 Special Color: 78D5D54F00000001
XF-3 Super Recipro Fighter: 5747711A00000001
Enable Level 2: 4B4A0B2500000001
Enable Level 3: 9B581E1B00000001
Enable Level 4: C4DBF31400000001
Enable Level 5: 25F777A900000001
Enable Level 6: 673B7FAD00000001
Enable Level 7: B5962E6100000001
Enable Level 8: E5070C7800000001
Enable Level 9: 4B3A0B2500000001
Enable Level 10: 7C05C7EE00000001
Enable Level 11: C46BF31400000001
Enable Level 12: F529826A00000001
Enable Level 13: 533763BB00000001
Enable Level 14: 9B881E1B00000001
Enable Level 15: E5B70C7800000001
Enable Level 16: 252777A900000001
Enable Level 17: 7C75C7EE00000001
Enable Level 18: 7385C7EE00000001
Enable Level 19: CBEBF31400000001
Enable Level 20: FAA9826A00000001
Enable Level 21: 5CB763BB00000001
Enable Level 22: 94081E1B00000001
Enable Level 23: EA370C7800000001
Enable Level 24: 2AA777A900000001
Enable Level 25: 73F5C7EE00000001
Enable Level 26: AAD3457D00000001
Enable Level 27: FA19826A00000001
Enable Level 28: 35F130AB00000001
Enable Level 29: 81E399EC00000001
Enable Level 30: CB3BF31400000001
High Score Tactical Mode: 5867637F0000FFFF
Inf M Gun Ammo Tactical Mode: A0F345BD00000200/55AF637B00000200
Score 100 In Tests: 2217747C00000064 

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