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Sega Dreamcast - Army Men: Sarge's Heroes Cheats

Cheat codes:

Mini mode: DRVLLVSMM
Low gravity: LNRGRVT
Maximum ammunition: BNGBNGBNG
Stealth mode: STLTHMD
Fat heads: FTHD
Fat heads: LNRGRVT
Low gravity: RBNML
Super speed: LNRGRVT
Infinite health and all weapons: JHNNBRZ
Headless mode: SLPHLLW
Living large mode: LVNGLRG 
Peanut head mode: PNTHD
Evil spirit mode: VLSPRT
Big foot mode: BGFTLVS
Test info: THDTST
Making of FMV: SFFRMV
Disco mode: DSCMDNSS 
All weapons: RMSRPLS
Low gravity: LNRGRVT

Level passwords:

Attack: LNLGRMM 
Spy Blue: TRGHTR
Bathroom: TDBWL 
Riff Mission: MSTRMN
Riff Mission: TLLTRS 
Hoover Mission: SCRDCT
Thick Mission: STPDMN
Snow Mission: BLZZRD
Shrap Mission: SRFPNK
Fort Plastro: GNRLMN
Scorch Mission: HTTTRT
Showdown: ZBTSRL 
Sandbox: HTKTTN 
Kitchen: PTSPNS
Living Room: HXMSTR
The Way Home: VRCLN

Unlock intermission sequences:

Level 1: CNN
Level 2-1: CNTWN 
Level 2-2: CNTWTW  
Level 2-3: CNTWTHR
Level 2-4 : CNTWFR
Level 3: CNTHR 

Unlock characters:

All characters: BTTLN
Enemy soldier: MDTRPR
Shrap: NCMNG 
Super hero: SPRHR
Pink bunny: PNKBNN
Plastro: TNVLLN
Hoover: NMMNS
Skeleton: SKLL 
Little lass: LTTLLSS
Friendly soldier: HPPCMPR
Dinosaur: DNSR


Megan Renstrom's face: FCFMGNRNSTRM
John Ren's face: FCFJHNRN
Hal's face: FCFHL
Steve's face: FCFSTV
Tyler Renstrom's face: FCFTLRRNSTRM
Brent's face: FCFBRNT
Stewart's face: FCFRBN
Mitchell's face: FCDRCMOCAM
Bryan's face: FCFBRN
Johnny's face: FCFJHNN
Richard's face: FCFMK
Danny's face: FCFDNN
Brad's face: FCFBRD
Todd's face: FCFTDD
Jun's face: FCFJN
Kathy's face: FCFKTH
Dustin's face: FCFBRD
Carrie Renstrom's face: FCFCRRRNSTRM
Chad Robertson's face: FCFCHDRBRTSN
Brien Atangan's face: FCFBRNTNGN
Jeremy's face: FCFJRM
Ryan Nix's face: FCFRNNX
Brad's face: FCFDSTN
Nikki Pino's face: FCFNKKPN
Virgil Abad's face: FCFVRGLBD
Alexis Pino's face: FCFLXSPN
Roger's face: FCRCMCOTEAH
Robyn's face: FCFRBN
Robyn's face: FCFSTWRT
Midway Testing: MDWTSTNG

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